10 of the most terrifying celebrity stalker stories.

This article deals with topics of harassment, suicide, attempted rape, murder and violence, and may be triggering for some readers.

Often called “the dark side of fame”, the once-private lives of celebrities are becoming tabloid fodder. But it is also their personal safety that can also be compromised.

The Kardashians have often shared stories of their encounters with stalkers, but they’re not the only celebrities to have gone through these frightening ordeals.

Fortunately, nowadays the act of harassment is taken much more seriously than before, both in terms of the impact on the victim, but also from the point of view of criminal liability.

As California prosecutor Rhonda Saunders said ABC News, these stalkers put their victim “on a pedestal, but once they are rejected, their anger, rage and rejection”.

Watch: Kendall Jenner recounts chilling stalker incident. The post continues below.

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She continued, “The internet makes it easier with YouTube and Twitter because these stalkers believe celebrities are talking to them directly. They think they have a relationship, and there’s a lot more information about the victim.”

With cyberstalking now at an all-time high, we unpack ten terrifying stories of celebrity stalkers.

Sandra Bullock’s stalker.

Award-winning actress Sandra Bullock woke up in her Los Angeles home at 5:30 a.m. on June 8, 2014, to the sound of “loud banging.” Shortly after, she heard an explosion.

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