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Especially for the intermediary!

Our new working method The Centerh-loan team has invested a lot of time in the optimization of our systems in recent months. The increasing demand for smaller loans has not gone unnoticed. Now that the number of providers for such credits continues to decline, we would like to be there for you. How does it work? Working with us is easy!
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Warning: credit fraud!

Fake website uses our data Dear customer, in the past few days we have received reports about a website pretending to be part of our organization. This website shows the postal address, the Chamber of Commerce number and the AFM license number of center-hostel.com Ltd Besides the use of the data, there are also various characteristics of our website
Borrowing behavior

How a website influences your borrowing behavior (AFM)

The borrowing environment of a credit provider, for example their website, can have a major influence on the borrowing behavior and the choices the borrower makes. The AFM and Freo have investigated this and issued advice. In this article we summarize the research and show you how we as Centerh-loan deal with this. The AFM
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Access to Centerh-loan via Maex!

Centerh-loan can now be found as a provider on the Fit Solutions platform 'MAEX'. We offer a good solution for credits between $ 500 and $ 10,000. Contact us for an appointment! Centerh-loan uses a fully automated credit acceptance tool; MyCreditscore. By using MyCreditscore, our credit acceptance is fast,
Credit report

Why MyCreditscore?

Centerh-loan uses the online credit acceptance tool; MyCreditscore, through which the application process of Centerh-loan runs via the MyCreditscore website. Using MyCreditscore makes the credit application assessment process faster and more efficient. This ensures that Centerh-loan can provide small personal loans (from $ 500). By using MyCreditscore it becomes
Transfer credit

Do you want to transfer your credit? We can help you.

Do you have a credit with us, but do you want to transfer credit? There is a good chance that you can refinance the credit for a lower interest rate. We understand this, and we can even help you with this. Why transfer credit? It may be that you can borrow the same credit more cheaply
Help with debts

Help with debts or loan arrears

If you can no longer pay your bills, the problems can quickly pile up. You will receive reminders or there may even be a bailiff on the doorstep. If you have a loan, you may not be able to pay your repayment and payment arrears may arise. There are addresses where you can go for
payment arrears for web shops

Unacceptably high payment arrears at web shops

The number of people who buy on credit and are in arrears is, according to Minister Hoekstra (Finance) 'unacceptably high'. The cabinet therefore has web shops in its sights. Web stores offer payment options such as pay later, next month, or in installments. In this way, financially vulnerable people easily get into payment problems and can get into payment arrears. Hoekstra
Over-lending - AFM Centerh-loan blog

AFM takes measures against excessive lending

The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) has taken various measures for violating consumer credit rules. These measures are the result of an ongoing investigation by the AFM of lenders. Last year, the AFM already considered formal and informal measures, because lenders do not sufficiently prevent excessive lending. Two fines, seven warnings A number of lenders issued in the period 2016 to 2018 too

Financing solution Centerh-loan and I-Factoring

NIBC supports I-Factoring and Centerh-loan in their mission to help SMEs reach their full potential and provide consumers with safe and reliable financing. A tailor-made financing solution paved the way for the two specialists to accelerate their growth. “We now continue to be able to operate in a transparent and