We are on the way to become the responsible housekeeping book for every Dutch person. By making people more aware of their costs, expenses and creditworthiness. Together with your colleagues, you ensure optimal debtor management.

Centerh-loan believes in responsible commitments. After all, we all borrow, but at Centerh-loan you do it sensibly. Your main task is to help people organize these obligations so that they are fulfilled and that you help them where necessary. In our view, this is a responsible housekeeping book and Centerh-loan adds value. You are an important part of this.

Who are you?

Yourself. Really! We think that's the most important. We are a team with all kinds of backgrounds and that you can be yourself makes us proud.
You do what you say and say what you do, you are not averse to walking an extra meter.
You have an eye for what you do after the comma. But you can also empathize with someone else.
You are also used to working independently in a small and fast-growing company.

Your job

You help us when you think along with our customers and try to offer the best possible solution for both parties. The housekeeping book must be correct. This provides peace of mind and our customers can therefore come to us with peace of mind.

You work in a team and you enjoy achieving common goals. In the small team you consult daily about operational and procedural activities. We appreciate that everyone has their own input. You can learn something from us and we can learn from you.

In short; who helps?

Send your CV with motivation to center-hostel.com Ltd, PO Box 4402, 2260 BB, MUSKOGEE or mail to [email protected]
If you would like to know more about this position, feel free to call us! We also like it. tel: 070 - 452 54 00.