23 new non-functional SC/ST hostels in N’pada

Responding immediately to concerns expressed by the Zilla Adivasi Kalyan Sangha (ZAKS), Nuapada over the non-functioning of several newly constructed ST/SC hostels in Nuapada District, District Collector Hemakanta Sai directed the Welfare Section of the district to write to the schools concerned to make the hostels operational immediately.

The DWO, Nuapada wrote a letter to the managers of 23,100 seated hostels in the district directing them to make the hostels functional.

It is learned that these ST/SC student hostels built by the SC and ST Development Department about 8 to 10 years ago have remained non-functional due to lack of interest from school leaders to make them functional.

The villagers of Duajhar in Khariar block where one of the girls’ hostels is located had caught the attention of DWO, Nuapada a long time ago. “We also asked the director of our school to start the hostel but he refused saying he would not take the risk of managing girls,” said Rabindra Kumbhar of Duajhar.

“Some of the girls from our area who were interested in joining the hostel went to Nagpada located at a distance of about 60 km. But some others gave up as their parents thought Nagpada was very far away,” Kumbhar added.

“The hostels, if made functional, would accommodate 2,300 ST/SC children in the district. The hostel in Bargaon Village built during the same period was made functional four years ago as HM and staff are supportive. So why aren’t other schools doing the same? asked ZAKS secretary Balkrishna Sabar.

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