center-hostel.com Ltd (hereinafter: “I-Finance”) is a lender. We store personal data in order to be able to provide our services. You share this personal data with us yourself or we have received it from an organization as part of our services.

Without processing personal data, Centerh-loan cannot provide services to its clients. Of course Centerh-loan complies with applicable privacy legislation.

Centerh-loan is aware that the processing of privacy-sensitive information can affect you. You must therefore be able to trust that Centerh-loan will handle your personal data carefully. Centerh-loan ensures that the greatest possible attention is paid to your privacy when conducting all its business activities.

In order to clarify the personal data we process about you, we have a special team that helps you to exercise your rights.

This privacy statement relates to the personal data collected by Centerh-loan as controller. You can read how we collect your data, what we use it for and how we handle your data and your privacy in this privacy statement.

Who are we?

center-hostel.com Ltd (registered under Chamber of Commerce number 183600972) is part of the EDR Works Holding Ltd

Centerh-loan makes financing available in a transparent and responsible manner for the purchase of the product or service you require.

Which personal data does Centerh-loan process?

Centerh-loan processes a large amount of personal data, including financial data and name and address data. We do not process special personal data.

The categories of personal data that we process depend on the product or service we provide and are registered in the data processing register.

To support our services, Centerh-loan uses third parties in the role of processor. Centerh-loan has concluded processor agreements with these processors which include the security measures to be taken by processors with regard to personal data.

In this privacy statement we inform you about the way in which Centerh-loan as controller handles your personal data.

How do we get your personal data

Centerh-loan can obtain your personal data in various ways.

If you are a visitor to our website, you do this anonymously. We only collect statistical data that is important for improving the website.

If you are a client of Centerh-loan, we usually receive the data directly from you, because you provide it to Centerh-loan yourself. For example because you want to use our services. In the context of customer or supplier acceptance you will be tested by I-Finance.

If your data is registered with us, then we have collected your data from public sources and / or you have supplied the information and / or information that we have received from other organizations, such as clients. If Centerh-loan receives data from other organizations, you have been informed about this provision by that organization or by Centerh-loan itself.

When you wish to become a customer, we provide your data to information agencies Experian and Economic Data Resources Ltd (EDR). They will advise you about your creditworthiness based on this information. They use your data for research into your creditworthiness and contact details.

If you want to object or require information about the use of your personal data by EDR, see: https://www.edrcreditservices.nl/privacy-statement/ .

If you want to object or require information about Experian's use of your personal data, see: https://www.experian.nl/privacy-statement/ .

What do we use your personal data for?

Centerh-loan can only properly perform its business activities if Centerh-loan can process personal data. This is necessary to be able to provide targeted information about our products and services to clients, but also for entering into and executing agreements with clients, for sending invoices, for collecting unpaid claims, for statistical research into the use of the website and online services and to improve the service.

You are a business relation of Centerh-loan

Centerh-loan needs (personal) data from you in order to be able to perform our services.

With your personal data we can, for example:

  • investigate whether you can become a customer with us;
  • assess your request or change to a service;
  • contact you or write to a counterparty on your behalf;
  • put your data properly in our records and update it if there are changes;
  • implement our customer acceptance policy.

Provision of data to third parties

We may provide data to third parties when necessary, with the following third parties;

  • Entities that are part of the EDR Works Holding group;
  • Third parties we work with in offering (combined) products and services;
  • Situations where transfer to third parties is required by law.

We only share the data when necessary and when permitted by applicable laws and regulations. In those cases, we share as little data as possible.

In addition to providing information to our clients, it may be necessary in the context of our services to provide personal data to third parties. This includes partners for collection and / or information, bailiffs, lawyers and official institutions such as the Dutch Data Protection Authority. We only do this when necessary.


In order to handle our files adequately, it is sometimes necessary to exchange data with third parties, such as lawyers, bailiffs, courts and companies affiliated with Centerh-loan. We only share the data when necessary and permitted by applicable laws and regulations. In those cases, we share as little data as possible.

Legal requirements

Only when we are legally obliged to do so will personal data be provided to regulators, tax authorities and investigative authorities. In all cases, Centerh-loan will take appropriate measures to guarantee the confidentiality and security of the data as much as possible.

Support services

We use third parties, such as IT suppliers, to provide our services. We make proper arrangements with such parties before we provide the data to them. They are obliged to protect the data and may only process it in accordance with our instructions.

Disclosure to other countries

Centerh-loan does not process personal data outside the European Economic Area (EEA), unless the client requests this or you reside outside the EEA. We only do this if it is necessary for our services or if we are obliged to do so on the basis of laws and regulations. The legislation does not provide the same level of protection of personal data in all countries. Where necessary, Centerh-loan ensures that appropriate security provisions are in place before the data is transferred.

Other websites

As a service, you will regularly find hyperlinks to websites of third parties on the websites of Centerh-loan. Centerh-loan cannot be held responsible for the handling of your data by those parties. Read the privacy statement of the relevant site for this, if available

How does Centerh-loan ensure the security of personal data?

Centerh-loan processes as little personal data as possible, only the personal data that are necessary for our services.

We apply strict regulations to guarantee the privacy of your data and work strictly in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Processing Regulation (AVG).

Centerh-loan has a Privacy Policy and an Information Security Policy, which describes technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against loss and unlawful use.

Examples of security measures are physical and digital access protection, management of authorizations, encryption of personal data, multi-factor authentication, intensive monitoring of websites and infrastructure for security leaks, use of firewalls and agreements with suppliers about information security.

Employees of Centerh-loan and any third parties who may have access to the data recorded by Centerh-loan are bound to confidentiality of this information. Only authorized personnel may view and edit data. This is only allowed insofar as it is necessary for the proper execution of the work.

In addition, we provide good security. Think of usernames, passwords, and security questions. And we invest in resources that protect you and us against all kinds of crime. In this way we ensure that this data is only accessible to persons who are authorized to do so based on their position and that the data is only used for the purposes for which it was obtained.

How long do we keep your data?

Centerh-loan does not store your data longer than necessary for the purposes for which your data was obtained and processed, unless the law obliges us to keep data longer or shorter.

The retention period used by Centerh-loan can differ per purpose and also depends on the nature of the data. After the retention period, your personal data will be deleted or anonymized in such a way that it can no longer be used and is no longer accessible. After the retention period, we only use anonymised data for historical, statistical or scientific purposes.

What are your rights?

The General Data Processing Regulation (AVG) lays down a number of specific rights with regard to the processing of (personal) data of natural persons.

You can submit a written request to us to view your own data (right to view), to correct, supplement or change (right to change) or to delete (right to delete). You can also object to the fact that Centerh-loan processes your data (right to object) and restrict the processing of your data (right to limit the processing). Finally, the law provides for the right to data portability.

Centerh-loan facilitates all options that apply to us, if the deletion of personal data that a request has been submitted has no impact on the performance of our work, we will process the request for deletion. Centerh-loan is not legally obliged to delete your data, personal data in question is processed in connection with and for the purpose of implementation for the primary purpose.

If you are a client of Centerh-loan, you can also let us know that personal data may not be used for marketing activities.

The legal term for handling your request is one month. Centerh-loan strives to send you a response within five working days, after receipt of all necessary data / documents.

Data breaches

A data breach is a breach of the security of personal data that leads to the destruction, loss, alteration or unauthorized disclosure of, or unauthorized access to transmitted, stored or otherwise processed data. The breach may be accidental or intentional.

Centerh-loan is obliged to report a data breach within 72 hours to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) and to the person (s) whose data is and / or the person (s) who use it. That obligation does not apply where it is unlikely that the infringement will endanger the rights and freedoms of the persons concerned.

Data leaks are always internally registered and assessed at Centerh-loan. For each report it is determined what action is needed to limit the risks for the person (s) involved as well as possible.

It is important that all suspicions of a data breach relating to personal data processed by Centerh-loan are reported to Centerh-loan as soon as possible. Centerh-loan can assess whether there is a data breach and take action.

Use of Cookies

Visitors to our website do this anonymously. Centerh-loan does use technical, functional and tracking cookies and pixels. A cookie is a small text file that is stored in the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone when you first visit this website. These ensure that the website works properly and that, for example, your preferred settings are remembered. These cookies are also used to make the website work properly and to optimize it. In addition, we place cookies that keep track of your surfing behavior so that we can offer customized content and advertisements. On your first visit to our website we have already informed you about these cookies and asked permission to place them. You can opt out of cookies by setting your internet browser so that it no longer stores cookies. In addition, you can also delete all information previously saved via the settings of your browser. Centerh-loan cannot see who (which PC or which IP address) visits the website. Centerh-loan does not collect any data that says anything about the identity of visitors.

A tracking pixel is an electronic file (size normally 1 pixel x 1 pixel) that is placed in an e-mail (for example our newsletter). By using a tracking pixel, we can see whether an email is being read.

Parties such as Google, Flowmailer and Facebook can provide this information to third parties if they are legally obliged to do so or if third parties process the information on their behalf. We have no influence on this. Centerh-loan has set up its marketing channels in a privacy-friendly manner, in accordance with the manual of the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Also read our Cookie Policy .


Centerh-loan reserves the right to make changes to the privacy statement or the disclaimer, for example due to new developments or to ensure compliance with laws and regulations. It is therefore recommended to regularly consult this privacy statement.

The changes will be announced on our website.

Questions or remarks?

Do you have questions or comments about the privacy statement of Centerh-loan or about the processing of personal data that have not been answered in this privacy statement? Or do you have suggestions or comments about the content? Then you can contact us at any time. For contact details, see our Privacy Statement at the bottom.

Do you have a complaint about the use of your personal data by Centerh-loan?

We handle your personal data with the greatest possible care.

Do you nevertheless have a complaint about the use of (your) personal data by Centerh-loan? Or are you not satisfied with the handling of your request for access, change or removal? Then you can submit this to us in writing. You will find the contact details at the bottom of our Privacy Statement.

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