Centerh-loan has established a controlled remuneration policy. The remuneration policy aims to prevent rewards from leading to careless customer treatment. The policy aims to control and prevent unacceptable risks in this respect and is aimed at continuity and the long-term interests of I-Finance.

Centerh-loan wishes to exclude any incentive to accept potential borrowers while this is not in the interest of the customer. In order to exclude risks in this area, Centerh-loan will not award variable remuneration from 1 January 2016.

The assessment of employees of Centerh-loan and the associated (fixed) remuneration is based on long-term performance. Employees are assessed within Centerh-loan on the basis of various criteria, including acting in the interest of the customer.

In this way, our employees will not be motivated by taking out as many credits as possible, but what is best for both the organization and the customer.