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Especially for the intermediary!

Our new way of working

The Centerh-loan team has invested a lot of time in the optimization of our systems in recent months . The increasing demand for smaller loans has not gone unnoticed. Now that the number of providers for such credits continues to decline, we would like to be there for you .

How does it work?

Working with us is easy!
You can submit a request to us via Maex or via a direct link with our API .

It goes without saying that you want to provide your customers with the best possible service.
We have therefore chosen to give you the freedom to determine how much work you want to do for your customers . For example, you can choose from:

intermediary Centerh-loan

Made a decision? These are the next steps:

Provide customer data

You supply the customer data via MAEX or direct API link

Customer receives e-mail

We will send your customer an email with a request to log in and resume the request

Payment and credit report

Your customer pays $ 14.95 and receives the credit report containing the recorded payment behavior and whether they can borrow responsibly

Positive MyCreditscore?

Your customer signs the contract online and uploads (if necessary) the documents

Assessment and payment

An application is always processed within one working day and can (depending on the time and the completeness of the documentation) be paid on the same day.

Already affiliated with Centerh-loan?

Then you only need to request an agent number from your account manager. Further instructions on the new working method will be sent to you shortly.

Not yet an appointment at Centerh-loan?

Do you have many requests for small loans that you cannot easily get rid of? Centerh-loan provides credits from $ 500 to $ 10,000 . Becoming a partner is easy and we take as much work as possible off your hands.

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