3 detained for sexually abusing underage girls in Thiruvananthapuram nunnery in Kerala

Three men have been arrested in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, for getting underage girls drunk and sexually abusing them inside a nunnery. The crime was discovered when officers noticed two men entering the hostel on Wednesday evening.

The accused got the underage girls drunk and sexually abused them. (Representative image)


  • 3 men were arrested for sexually abusing minors in Thiruvananthapuram
  • They got the girls and sexually abused them in their convent hostel
  • Police officers on patrol noticed two men sneaking into the hostel, after which the crime was discovered

Three men from Valiyathura area of ​​Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram have been arrested by police for sexually abusing three underage girls at a nunnery. Police said the accused jumped over the compound wall to enter the rooms where the girls had been staying. They fed the girls alcohol before sexually abusing them.

The defendants, Merson, Arun and Renjith were arrested by Kadinamkulam police. They were charged under the Protection of Children Against Sexual Offenses Act (POCSO).

Police had noticed two men entering the convent hostel while on patrol on the night of Wednesday August 24. The crime was discovered when the police arrested and questioned them. The defendants were arrested on the basis of the statement recorded by the victims.

Authorities are investigating the possibility that more people are involved in the crime.

Police said one of the defendants was a friend of one of the girls at the convent. They met secretly at the convent inn, after which he took two of his friends to the inn. The men first befriended the girls.

Then they started bringing alcohol to the hostel, got the girls drunk and sexually abused them. Police are investigating whether the men received help from others to enter the convent.

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