3 members of the Assembly announce a plan to deal with the “humanitarian crisis” of housing; Bronson releases a statement

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) – Three members of the Anchorage Assembly have announced a new plan to deal with what they call a humanitarian crisis in Anchorage.

Members Felix Rivera, Kameron Perez-Verdia and Daniel Volland have a five-part plan to address homelessness.

“Since Sullivan Arena closed in response to COVID-19, we have truly had a humanitarian crisis on our streets, downtown and in Midtown and Muldoon. And then, of course, we have the Centennial Park campgrounds that were opened in response to homelessness,” Rivera said.

They would like to spend $500,000 to renovate and immediately open 60 rental units. They also want to spend $2 million on year-round emergency shelter needs, plus $1.5 million for outreach services and $3.4 million for the home. hosts opens 130 units.

The group also wants more than $12 million to buy another hotel.

In a Thursday press release, Rivera, Perez-Verdia and Volland said, “The closure of Sullivan Arena as a mass COVID-19 care gathering facility on June 30, which forced 60 people onto the streets or in the Centennial Park campground, led to what was widely considered a disaster on the streets of the municipality of Anchorage. At the special housing and homelessness committee meeting on June 29, the Bronson administration admitted that it had no long-term plan to deal with this crisis and that it was willing to work with the Assembly.

A public hearing is scheduled for July 26.

Mayor Dave Bronson released the following statement Thursday evening regarding the plan:

“I am pleased that the Anchorage Assembly has finally supported adequate funding for my vision to end homelessness. From day one, homelessness has been a top priority. We have worked with community partners to find solutions in services and permanent housing. This administration has done more to help solve homelessness than any other administration in the history of the Municipality. To say that the administration and our incredible services of the municipality had no no plan is a slap in the face for every employee who has worked countless hours to help those in need over the past year.From Anchorage Health Department, Parks and Recreation, Anchorage Police Department , the Anchorage Fire Department and members of my immediate staff, the efforts have been compassionate and monumental in making a difference in the lives of so many. contribute to successfully connecting homeless people to services, shelters and housing that will help them meet their physical and mental health needs.

“I advocated for a homeless navigation center, which I proposed a year ago and which would have been complete if members of the Assembly had not delayed the process. Months before the Sullivan Arena closed, the Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness (ACEH) pledged and pledged to move 10 people into shelter and supportive housing per day. It is wrong that CAHS has not fulfilled its obligation to the most vulnerable in our city.

To the media and the Assembly who continue to push the narrative that my administration and the municipality don’t care, or have a plan to help our neighbors in need, please stop being dishonest. I encourage these Assembly members to really start working with our community as we have been doing since day one. It’s not an Assembly problem or a Mayor’s problem, it’s an Anchorage problem. It is only when we work together with compassion and care that we will see life change for every person who lives in our great city.

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