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Warning: credit fraud!

Fake website uses our data

Dear customer, in the past few days we have received reports about a website pretending to be part of our organization.

This website shows the postal address, the Chamber of Commerce number and the AFM license number of center-hostel.com Ltd Besides the use of the data, various features of our website have also been used. We would therefore like to explicitly warn you not to use the website below!


In the meantime, we have taken various measures to take this website offline, but the processing may take a while.

How do I prevent fraud?

When taking out a loan, always check whether the relevant provider has a license. You can do this easily by consulting the AFM website.

You can also check the interest rates offered and compare them with the prevailing interest rates of other parties.
Finally, it is wise to check the website for a number of points such as poor Dutch. Are the general terms and conditions and / or the privacy statement missing? Then you are probably dealing with a fraudster .

Please contact us

Do you have any questions or have you come into contact with this or a similar website?
Then contact us!
You can call us on: 070 - 4525470 or send us an email at: [email protected] .

If desired, you can submit a notification to the AFM.