Partner Centerh-loan MAEX

Access to Centerh-loan via Maex!

Centerh-loan can now be found as a provider on the Fit Solutions platform 'MAEX'. We offer a good solution for credits between $ 500 and $ 10,000. Contact us for an appointment!

Centerh-loan uses a fully automated credit acceptance tool; MyCreditscore . By using MyCreditscore, our credit acceptance is fast, efficient and involves less costs. As a result of which we can provide lower loans. By means of MyCreditscore you can easily offer your customers the possibility to request small credits from center-hostel.com Ltd

An application will always be processed within one working day and can, depending on the time and the completeness of the documentation, be approved and paid on the same day.

How does it work for you?
How does it work for your customers?

We offer an execution only product. This means that you only refer your customers through the mail functionality in MAEX. Details of our fees are on request.

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