Credit report

Why MyCreditscore?

Centerh-loan uses the online credit acceptance tool; MyCreditscore, through which the application process of Centerh-loan runs via the MyCreditscore website.

Using MyCreditscore makes the credit application assessment process faster and more efficient. This ensures that Centerh-loan can provide small personal loans (from $ 500).

By using MyCreditscore, the credit application assessment process becomes faster and more efficient , allowing Centerh-loan to provide small personal loans.

MyCreditscore is not only faster and more efficient, but also more extensive. On the basis of your data, an income and expense test will be performed and your registered payment behavior will be checked against various databases. The result of these tests is shown to you by means of a credit report, the MyCredits score.

Why is credit acceptance important?

Before you apply for a loan, a certain test will always be done. This is important for a lender, not only because some tests are required by law, but also to ensure that the loan can be repaid by the applicant.

Centerh-loan considers it important that an extensive review is done before we provide a credit. We see that there is sometimes excessive lending in the market. This means that too many or too high credits are provided to one person. Someone who is over-credited can get into payment problems, because there is less financial scope for, among other things, unexpectedly high costs such as; damage in the house or to a car.

The personal credit report

At the end of the application, the applicant will immediately receive the result of the automated assessment. They receive a credit report containing the results of their payment behavior and their final MyCredits score.

Because MyCreditscore collects data, performs tests and makes a calculation, the credit approval process is faster and more efficient. However, it must still be checked whether the data entered is correct by a certified employee. The manual check for a personal loan takes one working day.