An alternative to overpriced mini loan

If you are urgently looking for a small loan, a mini loan may seem like a good option. We advise you not to take out a mini loan. A responsible alternative to a mini loan is a small personal loan. At Centerh-loan you can apply for a personal loan from $ 500.

Would you like to apply for a loan from Centerh-loan? The application process runs via MyCreditscore , an automated credit acceptance tool where you are tested in real-time against various databases and immediately gain insight into your options.

Why not a mini loan?

High additional costs

Providers state a certain interest rate on the website, but later charge high additional costs, such as the fine for a guarantor if you do not provide a guarantor that meets all the conditions within 14 days after the application.

No license

Most providers of mini loans do not have a license from the AFM to grant loans and operate from abroad. They therefore do not have to comply with Dutch legislation on, for example, maximum interest.

No Credit Bureau Review

The Credit Bureau is assessed so that responsible financial decisions are made. When someone is in arrears or has a high debt, someone can get themselves into trouble by taking out a loan again.

View an example of the costs of a mini loan below .

mini loan

Source: Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM)

Personal loan

An alternative to the mini loan is a personal loan. Centerh-loan provides personal loans from $ 500 which you can pay off in 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months. We recommend that you borrow as little as possible and as short as possible, so that you keep the total costs of your loan as low as possible.
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Before you borrow money

When you take out a loan, you enter into a long-term obligation. So pay attention to the conditions of a loan, which differ per provider. The conditions are less transparent for providers without a license from the AFM. You may then be faced with unexpected costs .

Personal loan with Centerh-loan

With us you can repay your loan early without penalty . In this case, please contact our helpdesk, so that we can be sure that the payment is processed correctly in one go.

Before you can take out a loan with us, you will need to have a positive MyCreditscore. The Credit Bureau is tested for the MyCreditscore . The registration with the Credit Bureau provides an overview of all loans that you have taken out. This creates a good picture of your financial situation. We only provide loans when it is responsible and fits within your budget. Do you have backlog coding? We advise you to correct this arrears before entering into a new financial commitment.

Find out where to go for help with debt.

Centerh-loan is licensed to provide consumer credit and is supervised by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets and is registered under registration number: 129141692.

Visit the AFM website for more information.

We use 11.8% for each credit amount. If we were to use lower interest rates for higher amounts of credit, this might encourage us to borrow a higher amount. We look at your application and current loan with our view on your personal situation. We see and treat you as a customer, not as a file number.

More about Centerh-loan

Calculation example personal loan Centerh-loan

Total credit amount Installment amount Fixed debit interest Annual percentage rate Number of terms The total amount to be paid by the consumer The total cost of the credit
$ 500.00 $ 43.84 9.90% 9.90% 12 $ 526.08 $ 26.08
$ 1000.00 $ 87.67 9.90% 9.90% 12 $ 1,052.04 $ 52.04
$ 2000.00 $ 91.81 9.90% 9.90% 24 $ 2,203.44 $ 203.44
$ 3500.00 $ 112.08 9.90% 9.90% 36 $ 4,034.88 $ 534.88
$ 5000.00 $ 125.56 9.90% 9.90% 48 $ 6,026.88 $ 1026.88
$ 7,500.00 $ 157.43 9.90% 9.90% 60 $ 9,445.80 $ 1945.80

We are happy to show you what you pay for taking out a loan. This table gives you an indication of this. If you apply for a personal loan, we will provide you with the pre-contractual information (the ESIC) and a draft agreement in which you can also find the specific costs that apply to your application.

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Pleasant, clear and smooth process

The delivery of documents and assessment is very clear and transparent. There is personal contact after submitting documents, whereby very professional advice is given and the questions are carefully listened to.
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It was arranged within a week. Fast and reliable. Kindly received and very helpful.
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