54 years of memories: the destruction of Tutwiler Hall is scheduled for this summer

Tutwiler Hall will be demolished July 4 after 54 years as a freshman female dorm.

The second iteration of dorms named after Julia Tutwiler, it is the only all-female dorm on campus. The first Tutwiler Hall was built near the Quad in 1914 and demolished in 1968, the same year the current iteration was built on 10th Street, now known as Paul W. Bryant Drive.

Tutwiler will be demolished in the early morning hours of July 4, so that surrounding businesses are not disrupted. Advance precautions are taken due to the presence of asbestos in the building.

“Asbestos removal from the building is underway in accordance with ADEM standards and regulations. All asbestos-containing materials are removed and disposed of before the building implodes,” said UA spokesman Shane Dorrill.

The Alabama Department of Environmental Management oversees environmental standards in Alabama and requires certain standards for the disposal of hazardous materials. Due to Tutwiler being built before current asbestos regulations were in place, the University did not have to remediate the building to comply with new code regulations.

“After the implosion, there will be about a month of debris removal from the site,” Dorrill said. “The University will recycle all the concrete in the building. It will be transported to a processing plant and turned into gravel for use in future UA projects.

The University is currently selling parts of the old building, including bricks and room numbers. The income from these sales will be used to create a new housing exchange.

The building did not remain empty, although its last freshman class moved out. It has been used by first responders for training since the end of the spring semester.

The new Tutwiler Hall, which will open in the fall of 2022 after a 3-year, $145 million project, will look quite different from its predecessor. The dormitory will be formed of four interconnected six-story buildings surrounding an outdoor common area. It can accommodate up to 1,284 students in double rooms with private bathrooms. The building will also include fitness areas and a FEMA-rated emergency shelter. Julia’s Market, a staple of the previous Tutwiler, will also be in this iteration.

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