Installment purchase

Would you like to buy a new mobile phone, but would you prefer to pay for it in installments? Or are you ready for a new interior? Because we can imagine that it is more pleasant for you to pay for certain investments in installments , we have put a special and very transparent financing product on the market at attractive rates. You can buy furniture or a mobile phone on an installment basis through our reliable partners.

Buying furniture on credit

Have you found the furniture of your dreams? With our partners you can buy furniture on installment at attractive rates according to our transparent financing product.
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Buying a telephone on credit

When you buy an installment telephone through one of our partners, you decide which provider you want to call with, so that you get the subscription or prepaid product that suits you best.
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Pay responsibly in installments

At Centerh-loan we stand for responsible financial choices. Before making a financial decision, it is important that you are aware of the content and consequences of the decision. Below you will find more information about what it means to pay for products in installments.

You can see paying in installments as a form of borrowing money. Installment buying is a loan where you pay interest, just like a personal loan or revolving credit. You pay in installments for a product . This always happens in exchange for an interest rate. As a buyer you are the direct owner of the purchased product, even if you have not yet paid the purchase price (in full).

Purchasing on installment has a number of advantages:

  • When buying on installment, you will receive the product immediately. You do not have to wait until you have paid the entire amount before you can use the product.
  • You directly own the product when paying in installments.
  • The purchase price is paid in installments over a longer period . The purchase of, for example, a new piece of furniture or a new telephone set can be expensive. By paying for the product over a longer period, the monthly repayment costs are lower.

In addition to the benefits, installment buying also has a number of drawbacks that you should be aware of before deciding to buy installment:

  • Due to the interest rate, you always pay more when paying in installments than if you were to pay the full amount immediately. Borrowing money, costs money.
  • Depending on the interest rate, you could be more profitable by financing the product by means of a personal loan.
  • It could happen that you are still paying for a product that you no longer use . We recommend that the term of the loan does not run longer than the period when you use the product.