Borrow money from Centerh-loan

Centerh-loan offers you, via the credit acceptance tool MyCreditscore, the possibility to take out a small personal loan completely online. A loan from Centerh-loan has a minimum loan amount of $ 500 and a maximum of $ 10,000. You can choose to repay the loan in 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 installments.

Apply for your personal loan completely online

Do you want to apply for a personal loan?

Read below how you can apply for a personal loan from Centerh-loan within 4 steps.

Apply for a personal loan

1. Calculate your costs

In order to determine how much money you can borrow responsibly, it is important that we receive the correct information from you. We therefore ask you to make an overview of your income and expenditure. Have you made the overview? Visit the MyCreditscore website to start your application.

2. Make your request via MyCreditscore

You can easily request your credit assessment online via MyCreditscore. After you have uploaded your personal information and data to your personal environment, you will receive your MyCredits score. A credit report costs $ 14.95 once. Based on this personal MyCredits score, you immediately know whether you can borrow responsibly.

3. Simply complete after agreement

If the outcome of your MyCredits score is positive, you can take out a loan with Centerh-loan responsibly. With a personal loan, we pay within one business day of final agreement, the amount you paid of $ 14.95 will be deducted from your first installment payment. Your MyCreditscore is free in this case.

4. You pay monthly

You repay the personal loan in installments . How much you repay per month and how long the term of your loan is determined in advance. This way you know exactly what to expect and you will not be faced with surprises.

Do you want to apply for a personal loan?

Applying for a personal loan can therefore be done completely online . At Centerh-loan we are happy to help you make wise financial decisions and responsible choices. With us you are assured of a responsible loan.