Centerh-loan believes in possibilities for everyone

Not everyone has the same options. Opportunities may be hampered by certain choices. Some choices can have a major financial impact and you will have to act accordingly. Centerh-loan ensures that any financial obstacles do not prevent your progress . We only provide credits if this fits within your budget. Centerh-loan believes in responsible choices, responsible lending and we take care to help you make wise financial decisions.

Centerh-loan helps you by financing the investments in yourself , for example a loan for your studies or a renovation. Make sure that you do not borrow more and no longer than necessary, so you can save in the final costs and prevent over-lending. We believe that borrowing with the right purpose and attitude is responsible and can ultimately accelerate your progress.

What makes us responsible ...

Fixed Interest Rate

We use 9.9% for each credit amount. If we were to use lower interest rates for higher amounts of credit, this might encourage us to borrow a higher amount.


We are happy to show you what your loan will cost. The interest rate stated on our website is also stated on the agreement. We would also be happy to show you directly what your options are, by means of a MyCreditscore.

Customer and Service oriented

We look at your application and current loan with our view on your personal situation. We see and treat you as a customer, not as a file number.

Products and Partners

You can purchase installment products at a number of stores through Centerh-loan. We also have collaborations with intermediaries, who may have referred you to us.
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MyCreditscore is an online acceptance procedure where you can apply for a personal loan completely online and immediately gain insight into your options by means of a credit report.
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Our Duty of Care

Centerh-loan has a credit policy that basically means that we only lend money responsibly. We follow, among other things, the guidelines of the Dutch Banking Association.
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The organisation

center-hostel.com Ltd is a Private Limited Company with Limited Liability established in 2009 to provide financing to consumers. We are located in The Hague and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 183600972 .

Centerh-loan is licensed to provide consumer credit and is supervised by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and is registered under registration number: 129141692 .

Postal address : PO Box 4402, 3586 OK MUSKOGEE