Personal loan partners

One of our partners below may have referred you to I-Finance.
Because we can imagine that you can temporarily use extra money for a renovation or the purchase of a car, we also offer money loans. We only offer maturing credits and no revolving credits .

Our partners can help you with applying for a credit or for personal advice.

Installment Purchase Partners

It is possible that you do not have sufficient budget available for a personal investment at the moment. Buying an installment product can then offer a solution. This way you do not have to pay the amount in one go, but you can pay in installments . You can buy furniture or a mobile phone on an installment basis through our reliable partners.

Furniture partners

Because we can imagine that it is more pleasant for you to pay for your new piece of furniture in installments, we have a special ...
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Mobile telephony partners

By purchasing an installment mobile phone through one of our partners, you pay the entire amount in installments to ...
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Would you like to become a partner?

Would you like to become an Centerh-loan partner for personal loans or for purchasing on installment? Please contact us via the button below.