A multi-millionaire accused of endangering the water supply of the island of Jura

The site is 6 km from the estate on the Jura single-track road.

An islander, who chose to remain anonymous, said: ‘Our broadband is poor, we have a limited water supply and other city services are overloaded.

“Our out-of-hours medical service is precarious and policing on the island is casual at best.”

Architects at GCA Design, on behalf of the estate, say staff have been forced to live in temporary pods on the estate itself, saying this is “neither a long- or medium-term sustainable option”.

In a design statement, the architects said there was no alternative to Craighouse and that staff deserved to be somewhere “separate and distinct from their working environment”.

Completion date set for April

On Tuesday, councilors gave the go-ahead for work to start on the planned Craighouse hostel, with a completion date set for next April.

The site would also share access with 10 new affordable homes on Otter Brae, which have just been completed by the West Highland Housing Association.

The decision prompted a backlash from the Jura community council, which warned that the ‘scale of the development’ would overload the island’s roads, ferries and shops, which are already ‘stretched beyond capacity’ .

Another islander told the Oban Times, a local newspaper, that “population levels in the Jura may already be at their peak”.

“Our single-lane roads are currently in poor condition and the increased traffic on them will not only lead to more maintenance issues, but there are also health and safety issues.

“Council is already aware of our busy and unsuitable ferry, which continues to break down, causing many problems for residents, businesses and visitors.”

Ardfin Estate and GCA Design have been approached for comment.

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