Accused landlord denies sexual assault charges

PHUKET: The owner of a dormitory in Phuket Town who was accused of sexual assault by one of his tenants has denied all charges against him, police have confirmed.

Kwanruethai Phajongkiat, 26, filed a formal sexual assault complaint against his landlord at Phuket Town Police Station at 4.12am on Sunday August 21 after claiming he used a spare key to gain access to his bedroom and approach her while she was sleeping.

The owner, Mr Sasin, 50, who was initially named in the report only as “Mr Pae”, was summoned to the Phuket police station yesterday for questioning by officers, Lt. Colonel Pol Sarawut Chotsuwan, Deputy Superintendent (Investigation).

Col. Sarawut further confirmed that Mr. Sasin denied the allegations against him of trespassing and indecency and refused to make any statement about the incident.

Mr. Sasin was later released, Col. Sarawut confirmed, as he voluntarily complied with the conditions of the summons. Col Sarawut did not provide any comment on the status of the case and whether it will be pursued.

Ms Kwanruethai said she was woken at around 2.40am on Sunday by Mr Sasin who used a spare key to gain access to her dormitory. She felt a hand on her hip slip between her legs and realized it belonged to its owner, Mr. Sasin, who she believed was only wearing his underpants.

She screamed and ran from the bedroom of Thawilarp 2 dormitory in Soi Hub Ek, near Phuket Road before calling her brother who took her to the police station where she filed her complaint.

After being informed of the incident, the police asked if Miss Kwanruethai wished to prosecute, to which she replied that she had, saying, “I want to prosecute”.

Ms Kwanruethai said that after she filed her complaint, more people came forward to file their own complaints.

“I want people to be careful because they think their accommodation is safe, but if there are many copies of key cards to get into your room, it might not be as safe as you think. “, she said.

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