Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2022: Here are the winners

The six projects, all of equal merit, chosen by the international jury of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2022have in common that they are important structures for their communities, buildings that are examples of innovation and respect for the environment.
Two of the winning projects were carried out in Bangladesh. The first, the Urban river spaces in Jhenaidah designed by Co.Creation.Architects / Khondaker Hasibul Kabir, Suhailey Farzana, are public spaces built along the river with gardens, paths, footbridges and cultural facilities. This is a landscaping project in which the local community has been involved to clean up the access to the Nabaganga River, thus succeeding in transforming an open landfill into an attractive multifunctional space that protects and enhances the biodiversity of the river. . The second project concerns community spaces for Rohingya refugees designed by architects Rizvi Hassan, Khwaja Fatmi, Saad Ben Mostafa on the border between Bangladesh and Myanmar. A project in which architecture becomes a tool for reconstructing human dignity.
Other winners include: Banyuwangi International Airport in Blimbingsari, Indonesia, designed by Andramatinewhich for the Aga Khan Award jury represents a model for the future airports that the Indonesian government intends to build; Argo Museum of Contemporary Art and Cultural Center by ASA North / Ahmadreza Schricker, which has transformed a former brewery in the historic center of Tehran, Iran, into a cultural center dedicated to contemporary art with exhibition and conference spaces; the renovation of the Guest house NiemeyerTripoli-Lebanon, by Eastern Architecture Studio; designed by a renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer, the guest house had been abandoned in 1975 due to the outbreak of the civil war and is today transformed into a platform for the promotion of design and the local wood industry. Finally, the CEM Kamanar Secondary School conceived by Dawoffice / David Garcia and Aina Tugores in Thionck Essyl in Senegal.It is a school campus built using local techniques in close symbiosis and harmony with its environment. Indeed, the architects arranged the classrooms around large existing trees to take advantage of the shade created by their foliage as outdoor social spaces for the benefit of students and teachers.

(Agnes Bifulco)

Images courtesy of Aga Khan Award for Architecture/Aga Khan Trust for Culture


01 Laureates of the 2020-2022 Cycle of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture
02-04 Urban river spaces © Aga Khan Trust for Culture / Asif Salman (photographer)
05-07 Community spaces in the Rohingya refugee response, Cox’s Bazar © Aga Khan Trust for Culture / Asif Salman (photographer)
08-10 Banyuwangi International Airport © Aga Khan Trust for Culture / Mario Wibowo (photographer)
11-13 Argo Museum of Contemporary Art and Cultural Center Tehran © Aga Khan Trust for Culture / Deed Studio (photographer)
14-16 CEM Kamanar Secondary School © Aga Khan Trust for Culture / Amir Anoushfar (photographer)
17-19 Renovation of the Niemeyer Guesthouse © Aga Khan Trust for Culture / Cemal Emden (photographer)

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