alexis dornier sits ‘bird houses’ resort inside the rainforest in bali

Alexis Dornier’s birdhouses are an oasis in the city

Alexis Dornier designed ‘Bird Houses’ seaside resorta set of three overwater structures nestled in a rainforest in the heart of Bali, Indonesia. For this project, the design team sought to offer guests a flair of relaxation and harmony between the rice fields and the palm forest, forgetting for a moment the bustling city around them.

The project includes a house, a studio and a guest house and can accommodate up to ten visitors. A series of flowing spatial elements and reflections add to the oasis of tropical tranquility. These include a central infinity pool that welcomes guests and a sequence of walkways and flowerbeds that help integrate the project into the surrounding landscape. all images by KIE

nature becomes an integral part of the design of Birdhouses

For the Nichoirs station, Alexis Dornier (see more here) designed three structures that appear to hover slightly above the ground. With their inverted cone-shaped bodies, the birdhouses gently touch the terrain and blur the apparent boundaries of buildings to create a sense of exploration. The larger building which houses the main house is perched on a sloping site and offers stunning views of a small stream which runs past the property. The other two structures frame the entrance to the site and offer visitors a global view of the station.

Many trees on the site peek through the architecture, softening the appearance of buildings that employ rigid linear geometries. The artificial is integrated into the natural, providing outdoor shade for outdoor resting places. Thus, the foliage of large trees serves as a canopy and becomes an integral part of the overall design, which “looks like a miniature park”. Free-form, paths, lakes and flower beds meander over the plot, evoking continuity with the natural environment.

alexis dornier rests 'bird houses' resort inside the rainforest in the heart of bali
an ideal wellness oasis

inhabitable sculptures plunge into the green oasis

The purpose of these inhabitable sculptures is to induce a sense of exploration that harmonizes with their surroundings. Visitors are invited to wander through this labyrinthine arrangement of different spaces and enjoy the views that plunge into the lush landscape.

The interior spaces occupy different levels throughout the structure, following a central element of vertical circulation that opens onto the environment. Multi-sized openings with different directions merge the interior with the exterior. The design uses different heights that enliven the space and create a flowing layout with an energetic and welcoming vibe.

Regarding materiality, the architects opted for massive volumes clad in wood both inside and outside. When the sun goes down, soft, indirect lighting creates a cozy, livable space that shines like a lantern amidst lush greenery.

alexis dornier rests 'bird houses' resort inside the rainforest in the heart of bali
nature and luxury come together

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