Allahabad University Reduces Hostel Readmission Fee by 50%

The administration of Allahabad University (AU) has decided that undergraduate students wishing to be re-admitted to AU hostels for the 2021-22 academic session should only deposit 50% of the prescribed fee for their award hostel rooms.

“We have decided that students wishing to be re-admitted will be required to pay half of the total amount of the re-admission fee,” said Dean of Student Welfare (DSW), Professor KP Singh.

“However, this facility will be limited until June 30, 2022 or the end of the relevant student’s annual/semestrial exam, whichever comes first, and will only apply to the 2021-22 session. Thus, students who wish to be re-admitted to a hostel should submit their fees at the earliest,” DSW clarified.

UA hoteliers must be re-admitted annually after paying the annual upgrade fee to the next class. The annual fee for occupying a single seat in the AU hostel is 14,500 while 12,500 is charged for double occupancy.

The decision by university authorities is timed with the start of offline education in AU from mid-February. This will continue until June 30.

“Any inmate who is readmitted to a hostel would only stay for the next four to five months. Thus, it has been decided not to bill hoteliers for a full 10 months,” the DSW said.

Protest against offline review

PRIYAGRAJ: The Faculty of Arts campus of Allahabad University (AU) again witnessed a student protest against holding offline exams on Wednesday. Student leaders, who demanded that exams be held online, staged a sit-in at the Faculty of Arts. They also locked the main campus gate. “The Deputy Prosecutor met with us and informed us that anyone wishing to take online exams should submit their application to the AU authorities. We would do so on March 3,” student leader Ajay Yadav ‘Samrat said. ‘.

Members of the high-level committee set up by AU Vice-Chancellor Sangita Srivastava had recently met with student representatives who were agitated over the issue.

PHOTO CAPTION: Allahabad University Campus (HT File Photo)

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