An ear in the field, to listen to complaints

After session in Mandya, Upa Lokayukta plans to hold meetings in different district headquarters so victims don’t have to walk all the way to bangalore

Karnataka Upa Lokayukta seems determined to bring justice closer to victims of injustice rather than bringing them all the way to Bangalore to get it.

He wants to make sure their grievances are addressed at their district headquarters. To start, Judge Upa Lokayukta KN Phaneendra had a session at Mandya.

“We organized a meeting in Mandya the first weekend of this month. We advised people from Mandya who had lodged complaints with us to attend the meeting. We resolved about 40 personal complaints out of the 70 we received during the meeting. This was possible because we briefed the relevant officials about the meeting to be held in Mandya and advised them to come with the report on action taken on the complaints,” Justice Phaneendra told the Bangalore Mirror.

He said most of the complaints were related to the delay in obtaining a document from a ministry or the delay in obtaining a pension and other benefits from the government.

The Upa Lokayukta decided to hold similar meetings in one or two district headquarters per month, especially during the first or third weekend.

“My goal is to select two districts each month to hold meetings. Holding meetings or organizing camps at the district headquarters on the first or third weekend for three days will enable all relevant officials to attend the meetings,” he said.

Lack of awareness about the jurisdiction of Lokayukta or Upa Lokayukta is the other issue that needs to be addressed for the benefits to seep through. state of karnataka Legal Services Authority (KSLSA) issued a circular on May 27 directing all member secretaries of the District Legal Services Authority and the Taluk Legal Services Committee to coordinate with Karnataka Lokayukta officials at district and taluk level to sensitize the general public on the Karnataka Lokayukta Law1984.


He also directed member secretaries to assist in the redress of public grievances and for any other similar purpose as required by the Lokayukta so that access to justice for all is achieved.

“This coordination will help Lokayukta monitor officials who are required to address grievances or report on actions taken. With this, besides Lokayukta officials from Bengaluru and Lokayukta Police at the respective district headquarters, Legal Services Authority officials will also interact or correspond with the officials on the status of action report ‘, Judge Phaneendra said.

My goal is to select two districts each month to hold meetings

– Judge KN Phaneendra

For the love of a crispy dosa

The Upa Lokayukta received a particular complaint from students staying at a government girls’ hostel in Mandya. The students told the Upa Lokayukta that everything was fine at the hostel except for the dosas. They complained that having dosas for breakfast as well as lunch was too much for them. Dosas are served for breakfast on Wednesdays at the hostel, and girls must bring dosas for lunch at college. “They complained to me that the dosas lose their crispness at midday and they have trouble eating. They asked me to order the hostel manager to move the menu from Wednesday for breakfast to Saturday. I obliged them but learned that the hostel manager needs permission from the commissioner to change the breakfast menu,” Upa Lokayukta said with a smile.

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