Anthony James Stengewis denied bail for alleged attempted rape of 13-year-old girl at Gilberton bus stop

A man accused of attempting to rape a 13-year-old schoolgirl as she waited for a bus home was out on bail for other offences, a court has heard.

Anthony James Stengewis, 52, faced Adelaide Magistrates Court charged with attempting to have sex without consent and assault with intent to commit rape.

The court heard the alleged victim was wearing a school uniform when a man approached her on Walkerville Terrace in Gilberton, north Adelaide, yesterday afternoon. The man asked her if she had a boyfriend, then pushed her into a garden bed and attempted to sexually abuse her.

Prosecutor Darin Clearwater told the court the 13-year-old shouted “stop and help”.

“The male didn’t stop and there was no one else around,” he told the court.

“The victim started kicking the man in the stomach and groin area.”

Mr Clearwater told the court the victim was on the phone with his sister during the assault and was able to give a detailed description of the attacker.

The court heard that Mr Stengewis lived in a boarding house in Medindie – a two or three minute walk from the alleged crime scene – and after the alleged attempted rape he drove in that direction.

The prosecutor opposed all forms of bail, telling the court that Mr Stengewis was out on bail for other offenses at the time and had a criminal history, including previous rape offenses in the 1990s.

But Mr Stengewis’ lawyer told the court that his client’s previous convictions were ‘extremely dated’ and that he had a good record of keeping bail.

Magistrate Stefan Metanomski denied bail, saying community safety was paramount, the allegations were serious and Mr Stengewis was on bail at the time.

The case returns to court in May.

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