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Bilaspur (representative of New Dunia). A room behind the Sims Medical College Girls Hostel has been littered with corona for two years. This case is not even known to the management of the Sims. The cleaning company manager has the room key. For the past two years, sanitation workers have been dumping biomedical waste from the corona ward into the room every day. More than two garbage trucks pile up in the room. The girls hostel building is attached to the wall of this room. Biomedical waste poses a threat to the health of female students staying at the hostel.

During the first, second and third waves of corona infection, thousands of corona-infected patients were admitted for treatment at Sims, the division’s largest government hospital and medical school. A large number of people came to be tested for Corona. On this occasion, PPE kits, masks, gloves and gowns were worn for patients admitted to the Corona ward. The attending physicians and nursing staff also carried all of this and treated it. At that time, the rapid antigen test, PCR test cartridges, vaccine vials, vaccine needles and plastic packaging and containers were removed as medical waste from the Corona service.

All are affected by Corona. The Sims Contract Company cleaning staff deposited the medical waste generated daily in a room behind the girls’ foyer. Then the room was locked. More than two trucks loaded with contaminated waste have accumulated in this room in two years. Sims management is not aware of this matter. Garbage information was withheld from management by Sims, the manager of the cleaning company. It is known that three hundred female students living in the girls’ hostel suffer from bad smells due to dust.

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Millions of rupees are spent on cleaning in The Sims every month

A government-level BSC corporation has been given the responsibility of keeping Sims clean. Thousands of rupees are spent every month. Corona waste has not been removed for two years due to manager’s negligence. Ulta’s manager didn’t even notify management of the waste dump for two years. Medical students have to bear the brunt of it.

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These diseases are expected to spread from corona waste

– Hepatitis B, tetanus, dogs can go crazy eating garbage that is dangerous to humans, water infection from garbage or exposure to the sun can cause many diseases.

Speak Up – Dr. KK Sahara, Dean Sims

Q. Manyan Kara Kriya Program

A. I don’t know.

Q. Does the cleaning company manager have the room key?

A. The director has not yet told me anything about the waste.

Q. A threat to the health of girls’ hostel students?

A. Disposing of litter is serious business, I’ll ask the cleaner.

Q. Too much dirt in all of The Sims?

A. Action will be taken against those who neglect cleaning.

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