BIT Sindri cancels offline courses for B Tech students (5th semester)

It is also postponing the allocation of hostels for new students which should start from January.

Praduman Choubey



Posted on 12/29/21, 6:15 PM

The increase in Covid cases statewide, including in Dhanbad, has taken its toll on educational and technical institutions.

BIT-Sindri, the only state-owned engineering school, canceled offline courses for B Tech students (5th semester) and at the same time postponed the hostel allocation for newly admitted students which was to start from January 3. 2022.

A notice published by Ramji Verma General of BIT Sindri said: “This is to inform all 5th semester students at B Tech that their offline courses are being postponed, due to the Covid 19 pandemic (spread of Omicron) until further notice “

“The online courses will continue as usual”, reads further in the notice and adds that the allocation of the hostel which was to start from the 3e January 22 is also postponed accordingly.

“The students advised to stay in contact with the website of the institute for any development in the matter” summarizes the opinion.

Notably, third and final year B Tech students in addition to final year students were allowed into hostels while the allocation of hostels for newly admitted B Tech students was scheduled to start from January 2.

Contacted, Dharmendra Kumar Singh, ILO Director Sindri said: “Yes, we have suspended offline classes as Covid cases are increasing in the state including Dhanbad and at the same time we have also postponed the schedule of ‘allocation of hostels from January 3, 2022 »

The postponement of the hostel allocation has been carried out temporarily for about a week as we are closely monitoring the Covid situation and may resume the allocation as the situation improves after holding talks with local government, ”Singh said.

He added: “The hostel allocation process has been kept at bay as we do not have any vacant single hostel rooms at present as all single rooms are occupied by students from last year in B Tech and M Tech and we cannot take the risk of keeping students in double, triple or more than triple rooms in the current situation as cases of covid are on the rise and the threat of spread Omicron is also emerging ”.

Notably, BIT-Sindri’s 27 hostels spread across its 480-acre campus have the capacity to accommodate around 3,000 students, including B Tech and M Tech students during the normal period but under current pandemic conditions when standards social distancing must be observed. not all students can be accommodated due to the lack of single rooms.

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