Committee formed to monitor dormitories in industrial areas

The government of Tamil Nadu has asked collectors to talk to industrial units in their districts and make sure they maintain a healthy relationship with their workers.

“We asked the Collectors to talk to companies and constantly monitor these places to maintain healthy industrial relations. We asked them to form committees and inspect these places on various parameters such as health and safety, ”said a senior official.

Another official said the Kancheepuram collector had formed a committee and teams were visiting all dormitories in the area. “There are many such hostels / dormitories in Chengalpattu, Tiruvallur and Kancheepuram. All will be closely watched, ”the official said. Most of these dorms are university hostels.

Government officials who The hindu said new licenses had been issued by the Welfare Department to some dormitories that could accommodate the first batch of women returning to work at Foxconn’s manufacturing unit. “About 550 to 600 of them are expected to join the job in the first phase when the company reopens after getting clearance from its headquarters,” the official said. Officials did not specify a date for the plant to reopen.

Asked about media reports of China influencing the Foxconn protests, the sources declined to comment. “There are fringe elements that turn on and off, and they’re trying to fish in murky waters. But we are doing everything we can to ensure that Tamil Nadu remains a good investment destination. Such problems arise when there is no direct relationship between companies and workers, ”an official said.

Apple supplier Foxconn has shut down its unit following protests from workers after many of their colleagues were hospitalized with food poisoning. Women demonstrating said the dormitories they stayed in did not meet standards and living conditions were poor.

The government made an official statement that there had been an outbreak of acute diarrheal disease and 159 employees had been admitted to the hospital. All were released when they were healed. Subsequently, inspections were carried out in the dormitories, which were found not to meet the required standards.

Apple last week placed Foxconn’s Sriperumbudur facility on probation.

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