Culver Military Academy alum donates $65 million to CMA

CULVER, Ind. –Culver Academies announced that a $65 million donation was received from an alumnus of the Culver Military Academy to rebuild three dormitories on campus.

This donation was made by George R. Roberts, a 1962 Culver Military Academy graduate.

Construction will begin this summer on the Roberts residential quadrangle, which will include new main barracks, north and east, as well as a central plaza serving as the focal point for one of the most iconic areas on campus. These new dormitories will replace the existing main, north and east barracks.

“It was important for Culver to change to meet the needs of modern students. Existing buildings have served Culver well for more than 100 years, but the need for quality, state-of-the-art technological, mechanical and electrical infrastructure, along with the efficiency and cost savings that modern building materials provide, have made this project necessary,” said Dr. Doug Bird, principal of schools at the Culver Military Academy.

While the new dormitories will have all the necessities required of a modern educational facility, the construction will remain sensitive to the appearance of Collegiate Gothic-style architecture that is primarily on campus and unique to Culver.

Each dormitory will house 80 to 175 students with bedrooms, lounges, computer support and meeting areas, as well as offices and living areas for faculty and campus staff who are assigned to these students.

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