Damon and Stefan’s 10 best brother moments

Elena Gilbert could be the main character of The vampire diary, but her romances aren’t the most important relationships. Damon and Stefan Salvatore’s brotherly bond is the heart and soul of the series, even though they often hate each other.

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When the show opens, the brothers are at odds over a century-old feud over both Katherine and vampirism in general. The progression of their relationship isn’t exactly linear – and there’s a lot of violence involved – but their actions and words always make it clear what they’re really feeling.


Stefan tries to mend Damon and Elena’s relationship

Stefan and Damon sit down as Stefan gives Damon relationship advice

It’s hard to imagine this conversation taking place during the first four seasons. Elena is Stefan’s girlfriend until the start of Season 4, and he doesn’t react well to her ultimately choosing Damon over him. However, her relationship with Damon prevails and within Season 5’s “500 Years of Loneliness” Stefan is giving advice on his brother’s relationship.

Urging Damon to fix what’s going on between him and Elena, Stefan insists that she is the best thing that has ever happened to him. It’s one of the few relaxed conversations between the couple and a sign of how much Stefan loves his brother.

Stefan and Damon chat after Jeremy’s death

Damon and Stefan chat after Jeremy's death in The Vampire Diaries

Jeremy’s death in Season 4 may not have been permanent, but it’s still one of the most heartbreaking deaths in The vampire diary. Seeing how much her brother’s death affects Elena, Damon and Stefan share a quiet moment where they consider themselves lucky.

It’s not what is said in this scene that makes it so moving; it is rather what is not said. Damon insists that without his brother it is not enough for Elena’s humanity. Each brother silently notes what he feels towards the other. It’s the closest they’ve come to saying they love each other since Damon returned in Season 1. It marks a lot of progress in their mended relationship.

Their reunion in 1942

Stefan and Damon in the 1900s.

After Damon said he would give Stefan “eternity of misery” for making him a vampire, the brothers spent very little time together in the 1900s. One of the few times they do is in 1942 when Lexi encouraged Stefan to redeem himself.

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Despite Damon’s promise, he is visibly happy to see Stefan. The couple kiss and spend time befriending, and Damon decides to go to war to fight alongside his brother. However, after talking to Lexi, he apparently gives up on Stefan so as not to disrupt his “Ripper-detox” program. Damon was rarely selfless during this century, so it’s a hugely symbolic gesture for how much he truly cares about Stefan’s well-being.

Stefan begs Damon not to dry out

Stefan calls Elena in The Vampire Diaries.

The loss of Elena had a huge impact on Damon. Without the love of his life, he struggled to stay on track – and scores of people were injured along the way. And so, in season 7, he decides to dry out until she wakes up.

This upsets many people, but especially Stefan. He begs his brother not to leave, reminding Damon how much he first fought for him over the years. Stefan always puts Damon first, which is exactly what makes it so heartbreaking when Damon doesn’t do it for him in this case.

Stefan is scored for Damon

Stefan is tagged for Damon in The Vampire Diaries

In Season 7, Damon is made to believe he burned Elena’s cursed body – and he’s not the only one devastated. Stefan is furious with his brother, physically attacking him and holding a more than understandable grudge against Damon.

Despite this, Stefan still rushes to help Damon when he almost gets killed by Rayna. As a result, he is marked by his sword, which condemns him to an eternity on the run. It says a lot that even when a brother has potentially done the worst thing imaginable – supposedly killing the girl they both loved – the other is still willing to take it to the ends of the earth. to protect it.

Damon finds Stefan trapped in a human body

Damon and Stefan have a lot to do in Season 7 and at some point it looks like they might never get the chance. Stefan’s soul is placed in a random human body, in which he struggles to survive as he goes through a winter night on the phone with Damon.

As he runs to join Stefan in time, Damon finally recognizes everything he should have apologized for a long time ago. He let Stefan down on several occasions and only wanted to become a better person for Elena. In the final moments, before he breaks down, Stefan admits that he doesn’t believe Damon will be there for him – he’s the model for their relationship. He has proven himself wrong, but it shows just how much damage continues to spread in their bond.

Damon collapses after Stefan’s death

Damon cracks over Stefan's death in the Vampire Diaries

Although this is not the first time Stefan has died in The vampire diary, Damon is devastated when he appears to die for good in Season 5. After Julian rips Stefan’s heart out, Damon – along with the usual Mystic Falls team – desperately tries to find a way to save him from the world. Other Side, which collapses.

Damon is the most personally motivated of the group. Destroying the room, he threatens Bonnie to find the solution as he painfully reminds her, “My brother is over there.“It’s the kind of fervor that’s usually reserved for the occasions when Elena is in danger, making it one of Damon’s most desperate times.

Damon returns from the prison world

Stefan and Damon reunite

No one remains dead in Mystic Falls. However, Stefan still believes that Damon is truly gone when he’s trapped on the Other Side in Season 5. For the first few episodes of Season 6, he ditched his friends to live a solo life as a mechanic and overcome his pain when provoking strangers. fights.

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Her grief only worsens when Elena – the only other person who truly understands her loss – erases her memories to overcome the pain. Fortunately, he does not suffer for long on his own. Damon returns, making Stefan speechless before they kiss. Nothing needs to be said at this time; the heartbreaking relief on Stefan’s face says it all.

Stefan sacrifices himself for Damon

Stefan and Damon kiss

Nina Dobrev’s return could easily have made the final about Elena. Instead, the focus is on Stefan and Damon. As they try to stop Katherine from destroying Mystic Falls with Hellfire, it looks like Damon is going to die so his brother can enjoy married life with Caroline. He finally tells Stefan that he loves him and insists that he will now be the big brother he always should have been.

However, Stefan injects him with the cure at the last minute and sacrifices himself instead. The Salvatores would not be the Salvatores without conflict. The fact that their final fight is to decide who should die for the other is really the ultimate proof of their interest.

Damon finds peace with Stefan in the afterlife

Damon hugs Stefan after finding peace

The final scene of The vampire diary sees her come full circle. Damon’s return – and the greeting from “Hello, Brother” – kicks off the action in Season 1. The same ends the show for good, as Damon and Stefan reunite at the Salvatore Boarding House in the au- of the.

Damon is terrified that this might not be possible, thanks to all the pain he has caused in his vampire life. The fact that they both define “finding peace” as reuniting once again makes it the most powerful scene in the entire series.

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