‘Dead To Me’ Season 1 & 2 Recap: Everything You Need To Know Before Watching Season 3

We’ve been waiting for “Dead to Me” Season 3 for far too long. Imagine our excitement when we finally saw the trailer grace our screens. It’s one of the most exceptional shows of recent times that explores female grief, companionship and healing without a sanitized filter. It’s a crazy, crazy show, and as we go through the events of the first two seasons of “Dead to Me,” it would be good to remember that the show’s real strength is its strong emotional core that lays at through the interactions between the characters. That being said, let’s dive into it to refresh our memory, and we’re ready for the masterpiece that’s going to be season three.

Season 1: recap and end

Jen Harding is a recently widowed real estate agent dealing with her emotional turmoil after the violent death of her husband. At a bereavement support group, she meets Judy Hale, a woman who claims to have lost her fiancé. The two bond almost immediately, and it’s clear that Judy may be the only person Jen is able to relax and let loose with. But there’s a wrench thrown into this blossoming friendship when Jen learns that Judy’s fiancé is, in fact, alive. Jen is furious and confronts Judy right away. She no longer wants her to be part of the support group, but the group demands that Judy be allowed to give an explanation. She reveals that she broke up with her fiancé because, after five miscarriages, the couple understood that she could not give him a child. The group decides that Judy has good reason to cry, but Jen is still not on board. Later, she goes to visit him at the nursing home where Judy lives and works. She understands her situation better now and asks Judy to move into her guesthouse. That night, they both go out and Jen tells him that she investigated her husband’s death on her own and is looking for cars that might have dents. Later, Judy looks at her own car in the garage, which has a dent. Things escalate as Jen learns that her husband has been having an affair with someone, and the two friends meet her at a bar, where it is revealed that he has been pretending to be a widower to be with her. Jen is heartbroken even more, and she and Judy go to a retreat, where the latter meets a man named Nick. Unfortunately, he turns out to be an officer who investigates hit-and-run cases. As Jen and Judy’s friendship deepens, Judy briefly reunites with Steve, which makes her think she is pregnant. She breaks up with Nick, who doesn’t take it well. However, it later turns out that Judy is not pregnant and will never be able to have children.

The investigation into the death of Jen’s husband continues and a new lead surfaces in the form of Shandy, a neighborhood girl who had kept a piece of the crash site as a memento. It’s a piece of Mustang, and Jen deduces that it must be the vehicle responsible for her husband’s murder. When Judy learns of this, she panics and meets Steve, who assures her that he completely dismantled the car. But things are not as easy as they seem. Judy learns that Jen blames herself for her husband’s death as they both had a fight which caused him to storm out of the house which is when he got run over . Unable to bear the guilt any longer, Judy confesses that it was her. Jen is shocked and asks him to leave. The next day, she installs security cameras and burns all of Judy’s possessions. She goes to the police and tells them of her findings, but they have already figured it out through one of Judy’s paintings in a place owned by Steve. They tell him they can’t arrest him because Steve is being investigated for fraud.

Meanwhile, Judy empties her joint account with Steve to give the money to Jen. Furious at this, he comes looking for her at Jen’s, where, after a small push, he reveals that he was the one who made Judy flee the scene of the accident. When his demeanor turns threatening, Jen ends up shooting him. She immediately calls Judy, who had attempted suicide. “Dead to Me” Season 1 ends with the two women staring at Steve’s body floating in the pool.

Season 2: recap and end

At the start of season 2 of “Dead to Me”, we realize that Jen had not shot Steve in self-defense. Instead, she repeatedly banged her head in rage after he said some very unsavory things. Judy returns with Jen and Detective Perez warns Jen to be careful with her decisions as it could mean very bad news for her. Also, Steve’s identical twin brother, Ben, is back in town and he’s minding Steve’s business. On the other side, Nick still isn’t handling his breakup with Judy very well. Detective Perez offers him a job, which he refuses, but he gives him all the evidence he has collected against Steve and Judy. Going back to Steve’s corpse, the women have it stored in a freezer in the garage, but that turns out to be a bad idea when they’re infested with rats. Jen decides to throw him into the Forest of Angels. As for Ben, he recruits Jen as a real estate agent after knowing that his brother previously worked with her. Things start to develop when Jen’s son gets caught in Steve’s car. It gives her flashbacks to some of the most hurtful things he had said to her, which reminded her of the night her husband died. She sends her son home and sets the car on fire. But that’s not the end of things. Judy starts seeing a woman named Michelle, but it turns out that after spending the night at her house, her roommate and her ex are none other than Detective Perez.

Later, Judy and Jen hold a vigil for Steve, where Steve and Ben end up kissing. We also learned that Judy was the one who gave the police information about Steve. In later episodes, Jen and Ben end up sleeping together, but the next day she tells him it shouldn’t have happened and it was a mistake. That night, Jen tells Judy it wasn’t self-defense when she killed Steve. Judy sympathizes with her, but this angers Jen even more, and she viciously blames Judy’s tendency to love anyone for the bare minimum. The next morning, Jen confesses her crime to Detective Perez and they go to the forest where he is buried. Meanwhile, Judy gives them a recording to Nick and asks him to listen to it alone. Things seem to pick up for the friends when Jen and Perez decide to let go of the past and move on. The police chief goes to federal prison for colluding with Steve, and Judy gets all the hidden money back when her paintings are returned to her. It looks like the two of them just got away with it. But it’s not “Dead to Me” if there isn’t a twist to the story. Jen and Judy return after buying Charlie a new car, the town council put up a stop sign at some point at Jen’s insistence, and just as they are about to drive through it, the car de Ben bumps into them in another hit-and-run after distraught upon hearing the news of the discovery of his brother’s bones in the forest. And that was the end of season 2 of “Dead to Me”.

What can we expect from ‘Dead To Me’ Season 3?

Now that our favorite black comedy returns, we can tell from the trailer that things are going to get a lot more confusing as Steve’s body has been discovered. But Jen and Judy will make it through being together. They both look guilty, and the secrets come to light with the initial hit-and-run that started it all. Literally everyone suspects them, but as we saw in season two, when you have the support of a few good people, you can get away with it. It would be interesting to see where Detective Perez’s loyalties lie this season. Also, to be honest, we think Judy has a lot more secrets to reveal than she’s letting on, so that would be interesting to watch. We’ve been waiting for this show for so long and expecting the final season of “Dead To Me” to be nothing short of spectacular. And that’s us, eagerly waiting for Netflix to drop episodes.

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