dell: At 22, Michael Dell started Dell Computers with just $1,000 in a dorm. CEO shares retrospective post on LinkedIn

When it comes to computers and computing devices, the American multinational Dell Inc is a pioneer. Founded around four decades ago, it is now part of Dell Technologies. Dell has become a widely recognized name when it comes to computers, software, network and security services, and more.

In January 2021, Dell was the third largest computer vendor in the world. While today it may be one of the biggest names in the tech world, Dell had rather humble beginnings. The Dell story begins with the determination and passion of Michael Saul Dell.

Michael recently took to LinkedIn to share a throwback post. The 57-year-old shared an old newspaper clipping celebrating his accomplishments. He remembers his early days when he launched Dell Computer Corporation from the dorm with just $1,000.

The CEO then charted his growth story by sharing revenue figures from 1987 and 2021. The company recorded $159 million in the first year, and as of fiscal 2022, the company recorded $101 billion.

“A fun memory from 34 years ago. I started Dell Technologies in 1984 with $1,000 in my dorm room at the University of Texas at Austin. Dell earnings in 1987 (FY’88): 159 million, Dell 2021 (FY’22) revenue: $101 billion,” Michael wrote in his post.

“October 19, 1987, for most Americans was a dark day – the worst stock market crash in history. For young 23-year-old Michael Dell, it was a day of opportunity.

“I will always remember October 19 because we made a $25 million deal that day,” said Dell, whose Dell Computer Corporation had $159 million in revenue last year. . “Of the thousands of chords we crushed that day, ours was one of the only ones that wasn’t.”

Michael Dell – reserved, armed with determination – was named the best young entrepreneur (under 30) of the year at the Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs convention in Washington DC on March 4. Since its inception in 1983, ACE has named a list of top 100 young entrepreneurs, ranked by gross annual sales,” an excerpt from the old news clip shared by Michael on his LinkedIn profile.

Michael Dell founded Dell Computer Corporation as PC’s Limited in 1984 while a student at the University of Texas at Austin. He started business operations from a dormitory and provided custom upgrades for personal computers. After the business proved successful, Dell dropped out of college and started building computers.

In 1985, Dell launched the

PC, the very first computer featuring Dell’s design. Since then, the company has continued to create numerous software and hardware products to become a world leader. The company has also entered into several successful mergers and collaborations over the years.

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