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South African artist and music producer Mthokozisi Khathi, also known as DJ Tira, who lost his passport last Saturday after hosting a show in Gwanda, has returned to his home country courtesy from the South African Embassy in Harare.

He flew from Robert Mugabe International Airport yesterday morning after receiving an emergency exit document from the embassy.

DJ Tira, who had locked himself in an upscale Harare hotel since Sunday, blamed himself for not checking his passport hours before leaving Bulawayo for Johannesburg as he assumed he was in his bag but later discovered at the last minute that it was missing, .

In an interview with the Herald Arts Desk by telephone from Johannesburg yesterday, DJ Tira thanked the Embassy for helping him with a one-way exit document which allowed him to fly to South Africa.

“I’m at home in South Africa at the moment, sorting out my travel documents so I can fly back to Zimbabwe on Friday,” he said.

“Officials at the South African Embassy in Harare were very helpful. I can’t mention the names of the staff but they all helped. I received a one-way exit document.

Recounting his ordeal, DJ Tira said he was traumatized and upset when he found he did not have a passport at Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport in Bulawayo as he flew back to South Africa on Sunday morning.

“I was staying in a guest house in Gwanda. I only found out the passport was missing when I arrived to board the flight Sunday at 11am, my flight was at 12:35 to Bulawayo. I blame myself for not checking if the passport was in my bag before leaving the guesthouse, and I was sure it was at the guesthouse, but when the guesthouse staff didn’t find it, I was devastated,” he said. .

The artist has been booked for a show at the Phoenix Shisanyama in Gwanda by Bulawayo promoters Fife Street Events.

“I arrived at 8pm on Saturday and was the main track supported by some Zimbabwean artists,” said DJ Tira, popularly known as Makoya Bearings.

Far from the drama with his passport, the Durban muso is back in Zimbabwe on Friday for a new show in Kadoma.

Tira has promised to deliver a splendid performance, but some people wonder if he will be able to sort his travel documents in time for the show scheduled for the Odyssey Lodge in Kadoma. But DJ Tira said he would definitely be in Zimbabwe on Friday.

“Like I said, I’m already sorting through my papers. We have already prepared the new documents which will be ready on Thursday.

“Now we come as a team and we will succeed in strengthening our security. The Kadoma show which is part of my Zimbabwean tour will take place at the Odyssey Hotel and will be supported by Nox Guni,” he said.

Asked to describe how he finds Zimbabwean music and fanbase, DJ Tira said it was good and full of potential.

“I love Zimbabwean music. It has great potential, it needs more exposure and more collaborations with artists outside Zimbabwean borders for more people to be exposed to it,” he said.

The boss of Afrotainment said he was open to collaborations, especially with young musicians in the making.

“I’m currently listening and checking who I can collaborate with. I’m looking for fresh blood.

“I like working with up-and-coming artists more because they have new ideas,” Tira said.

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