Enrollment for the Summer STEM Program for the Gifted Begins

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — The West Virginia Wesleyan Summer Program is now accepting applications. STEM Summer Camp for Gifted Children offers advanced courses in physics, math, computer programming, environmental science, and creative arts.

To be eligible, students in the upper grades of grades 5 through 12 must be identified as gifted through testing. Registration is accepted until June 8 and the camp runs from June 19 to July 1. The camp is limited to approximately 40 students. Campers are paired up in same-sex groups in the dorm, eat together, and attend classes on campus.

The program was developed with a grant from NASA and is now led by Dr. Tracey DeLaney, professor of physics at WVWC. “This program is a godsend for kids who have never really felt like they fit in anywhere,” Dr. DeLaney said. “We are proud to be able to support these students academically and provide them with the opportunity to rub shoulders with others with similar abilities.”

There are different activities that students can take part in each day, such as movies, guest speakers, group activities, games, and a talent show on the last night. Students are supervised by college-age counselors who act as guides and mentors throughout camp.

During camp, college facilities are open to students:

  • basketball and tennis court
  • baseball and soccer field
  • walking path
  • library
  • music practice room
  • outdoor recreation equipment

To learn more or register for the program, visit the West Virginia Wesleyan website. For more information, Dr. Tracey DeLaney can be contacted at 304-473-8330, or email can be sent to [email protected]

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