Entrepreneur Unleashes Dogs With Dog Daycare Franchise

Although spending his childhood on a farm prepared Burzanko for the rigors of full-time animal care, his road to Hounds Town was a winding one. He began his career in the golf industry, including 14 years in equipment and apparel sales with Adidas. Burzanko had been around the game most of his life, thanks to an uncle who co-owned the Pleasant Hill golf course in Chardon.

Adidas cut Burzanko in October 2020, even though he had been looking for franchise opportunities for a few years before. He and his wife, Brigid, studied wellness, fast food and temporary staff, eventually landing another pet daycare opportunity that was quickly sunk by the pandemic.

For Hounds Town, the Burzankos underwent training covering marketing, operations, daily routines and facility layout. Basic business aspects such as bundling, management and dog care have proven an exciting new challenge, Burzanko noted.

“I’ve only been golfing my entire career, so I have to prove that we’re an indispensable service,” Burzanko said. “The great thing about Hounds Town is that I got into the process from the start. I was immersed in the training 24/7.”

Hounds Town USA founder Mike Gould expects nothing less than a learning curve among new franchisees. Although dog packs are self-regulating, an understanding must be developed about which breeds to group together. At Hounds Town, staff engage pets in assessments that include personality and playstyle.

Gould said: “Some breeds of bullies need to be socialized, but we’re a process-driven business from when the owner opens the door and adjusts the thermostat. Staff can figure out a dog’s personality in minutes. minutes.”

Gould, a founding member of the NYPD’s K-9 unit, designed Hounds Town after 9/11 when harassed rescue workers needed help caring for their dogs.

Today, the franchise is preparing 100 locations in 30 states to work alongside the two dozen already in action.

“Cleveland was a market that we really wanted to enter, because there’s demand here,” Gould said. “Almost any populated city or suburb where workers have dogs will be good for us.”

Ramping up the Brunswick facility is Burzanko’s goal for 2022. By the end of the year, he expects to have a full team and stable customer flow. The following years would see Burzanko meet the balance of its three-store deal; it currently has rights in northeast Ohio, from Sheffield to downtown Cleveland to Fairlawn.

For now, Burzanko is eager to tackle a new industry while caring for the animals he’s always loved.

“It’s really exciting,” Burzanko said. “I had a good job at Adidas, but it wore me out towards the end. I always wanted to start my own business, where success or failure is based on the decisions I make. I see Hounds Town as a whole new opportunity, and it’s super exciting.”

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