EoIs invited to an apartment complex for 18 deputies | Kochi News

Thiruvananthapuram: The secretariat of the Legislative Assembly has invited builders, individuals and institutions to express their interest in offering 2BHK and 3BHK furnished apartments for 18 deputies, as part of the liberation of the Pamba block from the MLA hostel which will soon be demolished and rebuilt.
The apartment complex is to be located within a five kilometer radius of the Legislative Assembly building, and the accommodation period will be two years.
The Pamba block of the MLA hostel is currently in poor condition and in need of redevelopment.
The secretariat of the legislative assembly has set a set of conditions in the notification of expressions of interest. It states that all rooms must be fully furnished and that visitors must be allowed to enter the apartment complex. Rest rooms for meeting staff and security personnel deployed to serve Members in the apartment complex should be provided. The secretariat of the assembly will take care of the rent, water and electricity charges.
The provision of maintenance fee payment is not mentioned in the EoIs notification. Given the high rents in the areas around the assembly complex, the authorities will have to shell out a significant sum for a period of two years. Officials said PWD’s drawings for the reconstruction of the Pamba block have been completed and a quote is being prepared for the reconstruction work.
As per the EoI notification, each apartment must have two en-suite bathrooms, an office, a dining room, a kitchen and a shared bathroom.

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