Food Served at AIIMS Mess Fails FSSAI Quality Test: Report | Latest India News

Four out of seven food samples taken by the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) mess hall are said to have failed to meet food safety standards.

The official FSSAI report says the chicken curry, paneer and chutney samples failed the test.

Last week, HT reported that within days of the FSSAI inspection, AIIMS hostel messes were closed based on the food safety report findings and complaints of substandard food, including including pest infestation in ingredients and cooked foods.

AIIMS administration had ordered the messes in hostel number seven and a cafeteria in hostel number five closed.

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“In view of the findings during a surprise inspection of the various messes by members of the food safety and hygiene committee, executive members of user organizations and food safety inspectors, it was decided to close the Inn Seven Mess and Inn Cafe Five beginning the morning of Tuesday, August 30, 2022,” the order reads.

AIIMS doctors had raised the issue of infestation of groceries, expired food and unsanitary conditions in one of the hospital hostel messes.

The Association of Medical Residents also claimed that despite the FSSAI’s order to close the hostel’s mess on August 10 after an inspection, the mess reopened with no improvement in food quality.

Last week several images of worms in cooked food, rats wandering around cooking areas, fungal infestation in vegetables such as onions and potatoes, dirty utensils and litter near food and ingredients began making the rounds on social media, after which the FSSAI inspected the premises on August 25.

“This case is not new. Many doctors have raised the issue of poor quality mess food. They also sent us photos of cockroaches and parasites in their food. We also raised this issue with the administration, but no action was taken. This is a major health hazard, there was not much we could do during the Covid-19 pandemic because where else would doctors eat,” said an AIIMS RDA member.

Doctors also told an RDA meeting on July 1 this year that issues of poor food quality, small portions and poor hygiene had been raised.

Upon further inspection of the mess, it was also found that there were no dedicated food preparation areas, the work area and utensils were not properly cleaned, the equipment used to peel and cut vegetables and fruits was not washed regularly and that protective equipment such as masks, gloves, foot coverings were not used and the ingredients used were not stored in the good temperature, among other problems.

“An order to make immediate arrangements for the interim period has been issued. The messes of hostels nine, five, seven and eight (on the first floor) will be allocated on the basis of nomination within the next two to three days,” said Dr. Jaswant Jangra, President of AIIMS RDA.

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