Former tenant says Durham woman should fight landlord over moldy apartment repairs ::


– A Durham woman threatened with eviction over $ 17,000 worth of repairs to her rented home should fight the landlord, a former tenant who took similar action against the same landlord and won on Friday said.

Tia Hoyt complained to WRAL News last month about the house she is renting Satin “Sherry” Dayal, who Hoyt says is plagued by leaking pipes that leave water on the floors and have created mold and even fungus in the cabinets.

The Durham Housing Authority, which gives Hoyt vouchers each month to pay her rent, has repeatedly failed the house on annual inspections, and inspectors also failed it on a special inspection last month.

News of Hoyt’s plight sparked a flood of offers of help and thousands of dollars in donations to a GoFundMe account that she set up to raise money for a security deposit so she could move to. another rental house.

But Dayal blamed Hoyt for the house’s problems and demanded $ 17,000 for repairs, threatening to evict her and her four children if she didn’t pay within 10 days.

“You let the mold grow on the closet wall, when the damage was seriously visible, then you decided to call Neighborhood Improvement Services, WRAL, Legal Aid and Durham Housing Authority,” Dayal wrote in a message to Hoyt. . “You purposely brought a mushroom from the outside and placed it next to the kitchen cabinet just to take a picture to exploit it. No one witnessed the growth of live mushrooms in the room. food.”

Dayal is notorious in the County Durham courthouse, filing dozens of complaints against tenants since 2012 to evict them or get more money for their rent.

One tenant, however, decided to fight back and won.

Tammie Gibson lived in a rooming house on Cecil Street that Dayal owns for about six months in 2019. She said Dayal raised her rent a day after moving in and would never provide the necessary repairs.

“We would go for days where the water was backing up in the kitchen sink with mud – black mud – and then we had rats on top of that,” Gibson said.

Dayal sued Gibson for the rent she should have, and Gibson filed a counter-suit. Other issues she noted included a door that couldn’t close properly, an unstable wheelchair ramp outside, an uneven stove responsible for at least a falling pot fire, and a window where the panes were to be glued in place.

Dayal was forced to pay Gibson $ 1,200 to resolve the dispute.

Single mother of 4 faces $ 17,000 in repairs or eviction from Durham home

“It needs to be closed,” Gibson said, noting that she had moved to Raleigh to avoid having to live on Dayal’s properties. “She has to be closed and not have any of these boarding rooms or houses or anything.”

County Durham property records show Dayal and a man Gibson says her husband owns about a dozen homes in Durham.

Dayal was out of town on Friday and said she would call WRAL to answer, but she hadn’t done so on Friday night.

Gibson also encouraged Hoyt to fight.

“I feel so bad for this young lady. I hope she stands up because Ms. Sherry, she’s the worst,” Gibson said.

Hoyt is already working with Legal Aid of North Carolina, which said he had already had cases against Dayal.

“I want [Tia] to know that she can defend herself and win. Don’t despair, ”Gibson said.

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