Greenfield Year In Review: A look back at the stories of 2021

GREENFIELD, WI – A lot has happened in Greenfield in 2021. Plans for The Turf skatepark have moved forward, as have plans for a new shooting range; a new grocery store has opened, police therapy dogs have ventured into Greenfield and more. Here are some of Greenfield’s biggest stories from 2021.

On Thursday evening, his name and hundreds of others were officially dedicated at the 33rd Candlelight Vigil on the National Mall in Washington, DC, according to a press release from the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

First responders take children to school for groceries
Greenfield police, firefighters and paramedics gathered with a group of 50 local students for lunch, crafts and return to school for their groceries over the weekend.

Police therapy dogs Anna and Gizmo venture into a greenfield
On Sunday, two golden doodles, heartwarming dogs from the Greenfield Police Department, visit the Greenfield Farmers Market.

The dogs are called Gizmo and Anna. The Greenfield Police Department obtained the dogs last March and is training them to become nationally certified therapy dogs soon.

Festival Foods will open a new site next week
Greenfield will get a new place for the grocery store next week. The new Foods Festival on 27th Street will first open on July 16, according to the store’s website.

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