Historical Association Purchasing South Haven Building

The Historic South Haven Forest House is purchased by the South Haven Historical Association so that it can be preserved for generations to come. Association president James Ollgaard told WSJM News that the Forest House, located at 313 Center Street, was built in 1853.

“I guess it was probably called Forest House because it was right in the middle of a forest and was home to the loggers who came to Michigan to chop down the primordial forests that were here,” said Ollgaard.

Ollgaard says the building was originally located in the same location as Clementine’s today, but in the 1890s it was moved to make way for the bank that Clementine’s building was originally. Now it’s right next to Clementine. It has been used as a hotel for years.

“When it was first built it probably looked more like a dorm on the top two floors, but the last time someone rented rooms there was in the 1950s and 1960s. “

It’s the 1960s. Ollgaard says the top two floors haven’t been touched since. The South Haven Historical Association purchases the property from the estate of Jack Cook, a longtime CPA who recently passed away. The plan is to preserve the building and offer historical associative programming. The price was not disclosed and the sale is expected to take a few months.

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