How a gang plotted to take out the minister’s two confidantes

Hyderabad: Cyberabad Police’s investigation into the alleged plot to ‘kill’ Tourism Minister V Srinivas Goud has taken a new turn.

According to the latest confession statement submitted to the court, eight men, who were arrested, had “originally planned” to kill the TRS minister and his confidant Hyder Ali because they harbored a personal grudge.

Sequence of events

The lid was blown when two men, Farooq Ahmed and Hyder Ali, filed a complaint in Petbasheerabad under the Cyberabad Police Station on February 23.

The plaintiffs said that on December 18, 2021, Mohammed Farooq Ahmed, a resident of Shamshabad went to Mahbubnagar Excise Court. Outside the court, Raghu and Nagaraju met him and searched for weapons to kill their rival Ghulam Hyder Ali. Farooq Ahmed ignored the request as he knew Ali well. Farooq Ahmed informed Hyder Ali that his life was in danger. He even helped him move to the SVS lodge in Suchitra from Kompally.

On February 23, 2022, Farooq and Hyder Ali, who were temporarily residing in a guesthouse in Suchithra, went out for tea. Around 4 p.m., the duo were attacked by C Nagaraju and his associate Vardha Yadaiah. Armed with knives, they chased them through the narrow alleys. However, Farooq Ahmed and Hyder Ali escaped. Strangely, no one noticed the incident in the bustling town of Suchitra. The duo fled and filed a complaint with the Pedbasheerbagh police station.

During the investigation, the cops had arrested C Nagaraju, a collection officer from Dhani Financial Services, Bhandekar Vishwanath Rao and Vardha Yadiah, all from Mahbubnagar, in custody. During the interrogation, the trio confessed that they were acting on behalf of the main defendant Raghavendar Raju alias Raghu.

Prime accused C Raghavenar Raju, chairman of the agricultural market committee, his brothers Nagaraju, Madhusudan and Amarender run a bar and are in the real estate business. The family has political influence in Mahbubnagar.

The brothers resented Hyder Ali. Ali had created obstacles in their business and supported Srinivas Goud. Therefore, they planned to eliminate him to regain political control. The brothers hatched a plan with Vishwanadha Rao and Varada Yadaiah, who purchased weapons from Uttar Pradesh. Nagaraju and Yadaiah approached Farooq, a rowdy draper. However, they did not know that Farooq would inform Hyder Ali.

On February 23, while attempting to attack Hyder Ali and Farooq, the defendants missed their target and ended up in police custody.

Cyberabad Police have registered a case against Chaluvagali Raghavendra Raju (43) and his three brothers, Chaluvagali Madhusudhan Raju (51) Amerender Raju (54) and Chaluvag Nagaraju all from Mahbubnagar. Tilak Thapa, personal assistant to TRS MP turned BJP AP minister Jitender Reddy, Bhandekar Vishwanath Rao (43) and Vardha Yadaiah (52). Munnur Ravi (35) was also nominated.

What was the initial project?

Victim Hyder Ali, who escaped the deadly attack, told cops the gang planned to eliminate him and his ‘political mentor’, TRS Minister Srinivas Goud, as they harbored a personal grudge against them .

Ali told cops that the main defendant Raghavendar Raju and his brother Madhusudhan Raju and Munnur Ravi had been housed by Thapa in New Delhi. It should be noted that Thapa is the personal assistant of the TRS MP who became the leader of the BJP AP Jitender Reddy. This information pushed the cops into full gear who rushed into Delhi and ended in a political firestorm between the TRS and the BJP.

According to the confession report, the four brothers and two associates, Yadaiah and Vishwanath Rao repeatedly approached Farooq to obtain weapons to kill Srinivas Goud and Hyder Ali. But, they did not know that Farooq would notify Hyder Ali.

Why did the plan fail?

Petbasheerabad police have arrested three men. During the interrogation, they revealed the names of the other Raghavender, Thapa, Madhusudhan and Munnur Ravi. A massive hunt was launched to arrest the accused.

The gang traveled to Mahbubnagar and Vizag. Later, they fled to New Delhi. They are said to have hidden weapons in isolated places in Delhi and taken refuge in the quarters of the servants of the leader of the BJP, AP Jitender Reddy. All four, including Jitender’s PA, were recovered on March 1.

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