Hyderabad medical student found dead in classmate’s room – Pakistan

HYDERABAD: A young final-year student from a private medical university was found dead in mysterious circumstances within the confines of Hatri police station on Wednesday.

Pahlaj, son of Sawai Mal, a resident of Umerkot, was found dead in a closed room of his classmate, Vijay.

According to Lal Chand, a cousin of the deceased, Pahlaj had moved from his home in New Hyderabad City to Liaquat Teaching Hospital (LUH) on Tuesday morning. Before leaving for the hospital around 9:15 a.m., Pahlaj had told his first cousin, Chohan, that he would be back at 4 p.m. after taking care of his internship.

When he did not return by 5 p.m., Chohan tried to reach him by phone but his calls went unanswered. He informed Dr. Jhaman, another cousin of Pahlaj, of his disappearance. Jhaman attempted to determine the location of his mobile phone and it was located near the Shoukat Khowaja Poultry Farm, located close to the private medical university where Pahlaj studied.

Some private hostels are available in this area as the university administration does not have hostels for male students. Pahlaj’s family found the body lying in Vijay’s hostel room.

According to Lal Chand, Vijay had two rooms in this hostel and Pahlaj entered one of them through his rear side window, which was otherwise locked.

Dr Jhaman said Pahlaj’s last rites were performed after a post-mortem examination. The family has yet to file an FIR of the incident but will do so soon, he added.

Pahlaj’s father is a businessman and grain trader.

Posted in Dawn, April 8, 2022

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