Illegal boarding house in Northwest Harris County

The Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office said the Cypress North Houston Road home was operating without a license.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Sixteen people were found at an illegal boarding house in northwest Harris County on Wednesday, according to the office of the fire marshal.

Authorities said most of the residents were over 65 and three of them were unable to move or take care of themselves at all.

The Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office said there was no fire or life safety equipment inside the house and they did not have an operating permit. They said residents could not have left the house in the event of an emergency.

HCFMO defines a pension as “an establishment which furnishes in one or more buildings, accommodating at least three disabled people (within the meaning of the Human Resources Code 48) or elderly people (65+) who are not related to the owner of the property. establishment by blood or marriage; and provides residents with community meals, light housework, meal preparation, transportation, groceries, money management, laundry services, or self-administration or medication assistance, but does not provide personal care services. “

“If you’re unauthorized, unauthorized, and operating under the radar, we step in to enforce the law,” said a Harris County Sheriff’s Office investigator.

All residents were picked up by their families or transported away from home in the 12600 block of Cypress North Houston Road.

HCSO officials said the people who ran the pension collected money from residents but did not pay rent, so they were evicted.

They also said there were three to four people in small rooms which is not enough space.

It is not clear what burdens the people running the facility might face.

Authorities said there were health care providers inside the house, but they were neither licensed nor licensed.

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