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$ 500 $ 10,000
1 year 5 years
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Total payment:
We are happy to show you what you pay for taking out a loan. This tool gives you an indication of this. When actually entering into a financing with Centerh-loan, via MyCreditscore, you will always see such information in the agreement.
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Centerh-loan only provides personal loans, because we believe that this is the most responsible form of credit.
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Small loans

We provide small personal loans, which makes us a unique lender in the Netherlands.

Completely online

Your application will be fully assessed and processed online via MyCreditscore. You will immediately gain insight into your options.

Most responsible

We feel responsible and always take your financial circumstances into account. A responsible loan is a loan that suits you.

Experiences of our customers

Super company and very neat to deal with

Good help and a lot of patience
- Amsterdam

Pleasant, clear and smooth process

The delivery of documents and assessment is very clear and transparent. There is personal contact after submitting documents, whereby very professional advice is given and the questions are carefully listened to.
- Doorn


It was arranged within a week. Fast and reliable. Kindly received and very helpful.
- Assen
95 customers rate us with an average of 8.1 / 10

About Centerh-loan

We believe that borrowing with the right purpose and attitude is responsible and can accelerate your progress.
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Our duty of care

Centerh-loan only lends you money when it is justified in your personal situation.
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Before applying for a loan, read our checklist. What should I pay attention to if I want to borrow money?
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Example of a personal loan at Centerh-loan

Total credit amount Installment amount Fixed debit interest Annual percentage rate Number of terms The total amount to be paid by the consumer The total cost of the credit
$ 500.00 $ 43.84 9.90% 9.90% 12 $ 526.08 $ 26.08
$ 1000.00 $ 87.67 9.90% 9.90% 12 $ 1,052.04 $ 52.04
$ 2000.00 $ 91.81 9.90% 9.90% 24 $ 2,203.44 $ 203.44
$ 3500.00 $ 112.08 9.90% 9.90% 36 $ 4,034.88 $ 534.88
$ 5000.00 $ 125.56 9.90% 9.90% 48 $ 6,026.88 $ 1026.88
$ 7,500.00 $ 157.43 9.90% 9.90% 60 $ 9,445.80 $ 1945.80

We are happy to show you what you pay for taking out a loan. This table gives you an indication of this. If you apply for a personal loan, we will provide you with the pre-contractual information (the ESIC) and a draft agreement in which you can also find the specific costs that apply to your application.