Kathleen Ayarts and her husband Stephen in All States: “It happened, we are broke”


Sunday August 22, 2021 – 4:30 p.m. Photo: VTM I by editors

Kathleen Aerts and her husband Stephen have dreamed of their own guesthouse in South Africa for years. At Villa South Africa, from Monday 23 August at the VTM, we will be able to follow them in this adventure. In one of the previews we see how the purchase caused a lot of stressful times.

“We were talking about a guesthouse ten years ago,” say Kathleen and Stephen. “We haven’t thought of anything for a long time. Never. We usually act more impulsively. We have never thought so much.

Their adventure offers many exciting moments that they share as a family. In the preview we see the previous K3 saying, “We’re going to buy a guesthouse. Do you know what this is? ”At one point they take a chance and make an offer.“ And it was sent. It happened. We are broke, ”exclaims the former K3.

“Just a depressing”

Overall, it’s a research with a lot of trial and error. They also share moments of disappointment, such as when their offer is rejected. “Damn, this is a little depressing,” it seemed. As well as closely following the mission, viewers get a unique glimpse into the life of Kathleen and her close-knit family, and each sees the beautiful country of South Africa through their own eyes.

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