Korean drama ‘Snowdrop’ improves ratings – Manila bulletin

The ratings of Korean drama “Snowdrop,” starring actor Jung Hae-in and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, have risen after registering their lowest ratings to date.

According to Nielsen Korea, Episode 5 of “Snowdrop” on December 26 achieved a national rating of 2.751% based on pay-TV households in South Korea.

BLACKPINK’s Jung Hae-in and Jisoo in “Snowdrop” (JTBC)

That figure is 1.062 percentage point higher from 1.689% for Episode 4 of December 25, which recorded the lowest nationally “Snowdrop” rating to date. “Snowdrop” airs on JTBC, a general-purpose cable television channel.

JTBC aired “Snowdrop” for three days from December 24-26 to overthrow Korean public opposition to the drama, which has been accused of distorting Korean history, denigrating the pro-democracy movement in the country and embellishing the image of North Korean spies and the former National Security Planning Agency (ANSP), a government agency that was linked to torture and killings of activists in the past.

Representative Yang Jeong-sook, a member of the National Assembly’s Science, ICT, Broadcasting and Communications Commission, revealed on December 26 that data submitted by the Korea Communication Standards Commission (KCSC) on complaints against broadcast stations and January 1 programs. December 1, 2021 to December 24.

She said a total of 868 complaints requesting review of “Snowdrop” have been filed with the KCSC to date. The total includes 781 complaints made against “Snowdrop” in the first three days of December 19-21 after the drama premiered on December 18 on JTBC (and aired on Disney Plus).

“Broadcast programs should guarantee the imagination and freedom of broadcasters and producers, but should not provide viewers with information that distorts the story,” she said.

On the history-distorting accusations against “Snowdrop”, she said, “if this turns out to be true, prompt and objective committee deliberation is needed.”

“Snowdrop” premiered on JTBC on December 18th. Episode 1 scored 2.985% while Episode 2 scored 3.898%.

After the first episode aired, a national petition to stop the airing of “Snowdrop” was filed on December 19 on the website of President Moon Jae-in’s office.

As of December 27 at 7:45 a.m. PT, the national petition had collected 351,432 signatures. According to the rules, if a petition reaches 200,000 signatures, government officials and the Blue House (the president’s office) are mandated to respond.

In “Snowdrop,” Jung Hae-in stars as Im Soo-ho, a 27-year-old graduate student who is a North Korean spy sent to South Korea on a mission. Jisoo is Eun Young-ro, 20, a student at Hosoo Women’s University.

They meet on a group blind date after which Eun Young-ro falls in love with him. Six months later, during a mission, a bloodied Im Soo-ho is pursued by ANSP agents. He goes up to Eun Young-ro’s dormitory and loses consciousness. She finds it in her room and hides it from the ANSP agents.



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