LG Sinha launches major initiatives with a vision for a thriving tribal community

“In addition, 2000 tribal youths will be trained in formal skills development in different professions, and many of these youths who have already undergone informal training in any trade will also be certified,” he said. “In another important step, pre-matric scholarships for tribal communities have been integrated into the national scholarship portal. Now, the scholarship amount will be transferred directly to the accounts of 10,000 tribal students in a fully transparent manner. In addition, we have taken a step forward to encourage sports culture among tribal youth.

At the event, he was informed that as part of the “technology-enabled education program”, electronic tablets pre-loaded with per-course study materials distributed to 800 tribal students in 10th, 12th and PG s would prove to be an important factor in promoting digital literacy. among the youth of the tribal community.

A video clip on the reform measures taken by the government for the students of the tribal population of J&K was released on this occasion, in addition to the testimonies of several tribal children expressing their feelings after benefiting from various initiatives dedicated to the children of the tribal community. .

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