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Kochi: Students at Maharaja’s College are in turmoil demanding that the authorities provide various infrastructure on campus. The IFC strike, which began 26 days ago, highlights various issues plaguing an institution with a good track record.
According to the students, households are facing the problem of African snails, the toilets are not adapted for people with disabilities and the water fountains are not functioning properly. “Although we have reported such issues to the college administration on several occasions, they have not addressed the issues. This forced us to embark on the road to strike. A few days ago, the college board spoke to us and promised to carry out all of our requests. We weren’t ready to settle for promises, ”K Raju, Secretary, SFI, Maharaja’s College Unit. “Now they have taken action in accordance with our demands. They built ramps for students with physical disabilities. Still, there is still work to be done. The authorities are expected to take the remaining measures in a few days. Once all of our demands are met, we will call off the strike, ”Raju said.
Students who come from remote areas find it difficult to find accommodation in the university hostel. Thus, they are forced to find alternatives like paid facilities. The existing women’s hostel is a dilapidated structure and there are facilities to accommodate less than 75 students. This creates problems for students from districts like Wayanad.
The strike, at a time when admissions to PG and license are open, has seriously damaged the reputation of the college. College officials said the academic facilities as well as the college’s infrastructure have been up to par in recent years. “We occupy the 92nd position in the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) ranking. We are also improving our infrastructure. The construction of a women’s shelter is underway near the men’s shelter. More than 300 students can be accommodated there. The hostel would be ready by the next school year. Work on the library and auditorium is also underway, ”said Director Mathew George. “We have 175 new places for PG courses. I am not aware of the student strike because I have been on leave, ”said George. According to inside sources, the feud between the board and the principal has led to the current stalemate.
CICC College Alumni Association chief Jayachandran said the college’s academic standards have improved over the past five or six years. “Being a top college in the state, the principal would be a senior. Thus, the person will retire in a few years or will be promoted to assistant director of college education. The government should appoint directors who can hold the post for at least five years. Only then can the manager learn the problems here, plan accordingly and implement the projects, ”Jayachandran said.


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