MP wants SDM removed for not allowing Kawadiyas to stay at hostel

Khandwa (Madhya Pradesh): BJP State Spokesman and Pandhana MP Ram Dangore staged a protest here at the Collector’s office in Khandwa and demanded the withdrawal of the SDM for hurting religious feelings on Sunday.

SDM Dr. Aarti Singh had granted permission to perform the Kawad Yatra with 11 conditions. Besides that, Singh did not allow the Yatris to stay in the inn overnight.

This angered local leaders and Kawad Yatris. Pandhana MLA Ram Dangore, while challenging the order, threatened to stage protests at the collection office if SDM is not removed. The next day, the leader and his followers arrived at the office and staged a protest.

However, SDM was supposed to be on maternity leave from August 15, but witnessing a political uprising, she got the leave four days before the date. Dongre opened a front and also protested against the administrative order.

Collector Anoop Kumar Singh immediately approved maternity leave and handed over the charge of SDM to joint collector Kumar Sanu Devdiya. In accordance with the order, Devdiya will assume the charge of SDM along with the previously assigned responsibilities. Deodiya was previously assigned as SDM at Vidisha district headquarters, before being assigned to Khandwa district.

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