My take: Postal workers make sure we have days to remember | Opinion

It was perhaps from our English ancestors, whose Royal Mail Service was started in 1516, that the founders of our nation were inspired to establish the American Post Office, which they definitely did by ensuring that it was part of our Federal Constitution (Article II, Sec. 8 , #seven).

Since then, the tenacious workers of the United States Postal Service have firmly held together the chain on which we Americans have chained our thoughts, our dreams, our business transactions, our travelogues and our love stories.

Perhaps I have a stronger attachment and deeper appreciation for the postal service because my mother’s father was a mail carrier in Binghamton in the early 20th century, and I grew up hearing his stories about it. I have a photo of Grandpa in his long gray woolen uniform, his flat cap on his head and his large leather satchel over his shoulder.

Mother said he walked 20 miles a day, 10 miles round trip in the morning, then repeated the same route in the afternoon after eating a very large “dinner” at midday to fuel his energy.

It was the time when the mail was delivered twice a working day. He even walked his way on Christmas morning, which is why it was a tradition in our family to open our presents on Christmas Eve since that was what Mom used to do throughout her childhood. .

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